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Make add_handlers (for multiple hostnames) usable with static_path (w…


forces the creation of a wildcard handler) by maintaining a sensible order
for handler groups.
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commit a4ba918180ca292cc2f67a6793c8563cec0d1ac3 1 parent 6326f82
Ben Darnell authored
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10 tornado/
@@ -934,7 +934,15 @@ def add_handlers(self, host_pattern, host_handlers):
if not host_pattern.endswith("$"):
host_pattern += "$"
handlers = []
- self.handlers.append((re.compile(host_pattern), handlers))
+ # The handlers with the wildcard host_pattern are a special
+ # case - they're added in the constructor but should have lower
+ # precedence than the more-precise handlers added later.
+ # If a wildcard handler group exists, it should always be last
+ # in the list, so insert new groups just before it.
+ if self.handlers and self.handlers[-1][0].pattern == '.*$':
+ self.handlers.insert(-1, (re.compile(host_pattern), handlers))
+ else:
+ self.handlers.append((re.compile(host_pattern), handlers))
for spec in host_handlers:
if type(spec) is type(()):

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