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Fix bug with IOLoop's 'waker' pipe which rendered it ineffective on l…


and mac (where pipes are unidirectional) and caused high cpu usage
on solaris (where pipes are bidirectional).  Thanks to Jari Ahonen for
finding the bug.
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1 parent 45f76c5 commit d2ca9ad61850dd716ba07fb2a5c7636d1e0edbcb Ben Darnell committed Mar 9, 2010
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2 tornado/
@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ def __init__(self, impl=None):
self._waker_reader = os.fdopen(r, "r", 0)
self._waker_writer = os.fdopen(w, "w", 0)
- self.add_handler(r, self._read_waker, self.WRITE)
+ self.add_handler(r, self._read_waker, self.READ)
def instance(cls):

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