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%define _initddir %{_sysconfdir}/init.d
%define _vzdir /vz
%define _scriptdir %{_libexecdir}/vzctl/scripts
%define _configdir %{_sysconfdir}/vz
%define _vpsconfdir %{_sysconfdir}/sysconfig/vz-scripts
%define _netdir %{_sysconfdir}/sysconfig/network-scripts
%define _distconfdir %{_configdir}/dists
%define _distscriptdir %{_distconfdir}/scripts
# Some older systems have sharedstatedir as /usr/com
%define _sharedstatedir /var/lib
Summary: OpenVZ containers control utility
Name: vzctl
Version: 4.5
%define rel 1
Release: %{rel}%{?dist}
License: GPLv2+
Group: System Environment/Kernel
ExclusiveOS: Linux
BuildRoot: %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-root-%(%{__id_u} -n)
Requires: vzkernel
Requires: vzeventmod
Requires: /sbin/chkconfig
Requires: vzquota >= 3.1
Requires: fileutils
Requires: vzctl-core = %{version}-%{release}
Requires: tar
Requires: vzstats
Conflicts: ploop-lib < 1.8-1
BuildRequires: ploop-devel >= 1.8-1
BuildRequires: libxml2-devel >= 2.6.16
BuildRequires: libcgroup-devel >= 0.37
# requires for vzmigrate purposes
Requires: rsync
Requires: gawk
Requires: openssh
# Virtual provides for newer RHEL6 kernel
Provides: virtual-vzkernel-install = 2.0.0
This utility allows system administrators to control Linux containers,
i.e. create, start, shutdown, set various options and limits etc.
%setup -q
CFLAGS="%{optflags}" %configure \
vzdir=%{_vzdir} \
--enable-bashcomp \
--enable-logrotate \
make %{?_smp_mflags}
rm -rf %{buildroot}
make DESTDIR=%{buildroot} vpsconfdir=%{_vpsconfdir} \
install install-redhat-from-spec
ln -s ../sysconfig/vz-scripts %{buildroot}%{_configdir}/conf
ln -s ../vz/vz.conf %{buildroot}/etc/sysconfig/vz
# Needed for %ghost in %files section below
touch %{buildroot}%{_sharedstatedir}/vz
touch %{buildroot}/etc/sysconfig/vzeventd
# This could go to vzctl-lib-devel, but since we don't have it...
rm -f %{buildroot}%{_libdir}/
rm -f %{buildroot}%{_libdir}/
rm -f %{buildroot}%{_libdir}/
rm -f %{buildroot}%{_libdir}/*
rm -rf %{buildroot}
%dir %{_scriptdir}
%config /etc/sysconfig/vz
%ghost %config(missingok) /etc/sysconfig/vzeventd
/bin/rm -rf /dev/vzctl
/bin/mknod -m 600 /dev/vzctl c 126 0
/sbin/chkconfig --add vz > /dev/null 2>&1
/sbin/chkconfig --add vzeventd > /dev/null 2>&1
if [ -f /etc/SuSE-release ]; then
NET_CFG='ifdown-venet ifup-venet'
if ! grep -q -E "^alias venet0" /etc/modprobe.conf; then
echo "alias venet0 vznet" >> /etc/modprobe.conf
ln -f /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-venet0 /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-venet0
for file in ${NET_CFG}; do
ln -sf /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/${file} /etc/sysconfig/network/scripts/${file}
# Install a symlink to vzifup-post
if [ -f /etc/SuSE-release ]; then
ln -sf %{_sbindir}/vzifup-post /etc/sysconfig/network/if-up.d/
else # RedHat/Fedora/CentOS case
if [ ! -e /sbin/ifup-local ]; then
ln -sf %{_sbindir}/vzifup-post /sbin/ifup-local
elif readlink /sbin/ifup-local |
fgrep -q %{_sbindir}/vzifup-post; then
: # Nothing to do, symlink already points to our script
echo " WARNING: file /sbin/ifup-local is present!"
echo " You have to manually edit the above file so that"
echo " it calls %{_sbindir}/vzifup-post"
# Some use /var/lib/vz instead of /vz; create a compatibility symlink
test -a %{_sharedstatedir}/vz || ln -s ../..%{_vzdir} %{_sharedstatedir}/vz
# (Upgrading from <= vzctl-3.0.24)
# If vz is running and vzeventd is not, start it
if %{_initddir}/vz status >/dev/null 2>&1; then
if ! %{_initddir}/vzeventd status >/dev/null 2>&1; then
%{_initddir}/vzeventd start
# Run post-install script only when installing
test $1 -eq 1 && %{_scriptdir}/vz-postinstall
exit 0
if [ $1 = 0 ]; then
/sbin/chkconfig --del vz >/dev/null 2>&1
/sbin/chkconfig --del vzeventd >/dev/null 2>&1
%package core
Summary: OpenVZ containers control utility core
Group: System Environment/Kernel
Requires: libxml2
Obsoletes: vzctl-lib
# these reqs are for vz helper scripts
Requires: bash
Requires: gawk
Requires: sed
Requires: grep
# requires for bash_completion and vztmpl-dl
Requires: wget
%description core
OpenVZ containers control utility core package
%files core
%dir %{_vzdir}/lock
%dir %{_vzdir}/dump
%dir %{_vzdir}/private
%dir %{_vzdir}/root
%dir %{_vzdir}/template/cache
%dir %{_sharedstatedir}/vzctl/veip
%dir %{_sharedstatedir}/vzctl/vzreboot
%dir %{_sharedstatedir}/vzctl/vepid
%dir %{_configdir}
%dir %{_configdir}/names
%dir %{_vpsconfdir}
%dir %{_distconfdir}
%dir %{_distscriptdir}
%dir %{_vzdir}
%ghost %{_sharedstatedir}/vz
%dir %{_libexecdir}/vzctl
%dir %{_libexecdir}/vzctl/scripts
%config(noreplace) %{_configdir}/vz.conf
%config(noreplace) %{_configdir}/osrelease.conf
%config(noreplace) %{_configdir}/download.conf
%config(noreplace) %{_configdir}/oom-groups.conf
%config(noreplace) %{_distconfdir}/*.conf
%config %{_vpsconfdir}/ve-basic.conf-sample
%config %{_vpsconfdir}/ve-light.conf-sample
%config %{_vpsconfdir}/ve-unlimited.conf-sample
%config %{_vpsconfdir}/ve-vswap-256m.conf-sample
%config %{_vpsconfdir}/ve-vswap-512m.conf-sample
%config %{_vpsconfdir}/ve-vswap-1024m.conf-sample
%config %{_vpsconfdir}/ve-vswap-1g.conf-sample
%config %{_vpsconfdir}/ve-vswap-2g.conf-sample
%config %{_vpsconfdir}/ve-vswap-4g.conf-sample
%config %{_vpsconfdir}/0.conf
%post core
%postun core
* Wed Aug 28 2013 Kir Kolyshkin <> - 4.5.1-1
- Fixes:
-- Fix loading older (<1.9) ploop library (#2719)
-- Fix installing rpm for people using /var/lib/vz (#2722)
* Fri Aug 23 2013 Kir Kolyshkin <> - 4.5-1
- New functionality:
-- vztmpl-dl: add --upload-all, --ignore-errors
-- vztmpl-dl: add --list-remote, --list-local
-- vztmpl-dl: do not check GPG signatures by default
-- vztmpl-dl: add --gpg-check and --update options
-- vz-postinstall: enable iptables for bridges (#2641)
-- vz-postinstall: be verbose about what we do
-- vzmigrate: support for VE_PRIVATE being a symlink (#2694)
- Fixes:
-- ndsend: fix option field in sending packets (#2709)
-- libvzchown: link to -ldl (#2705)
-- vps_create(): save LOCAL_UID/GID=0 if !userns for upstream CT
-- vzctl.spec: run vz-postinstall on a fresh install only
-- vz-postinstall: do not change rp_filter sysctl
-- vzmigrate: remove a bashism
-- vzctl create: fix running postcreate action wrt --ostemplate path/tmpl
-- vzctl create: use proper version of basename()
-- vzdaemon_stop(): don't return error if stopped already
-- read_resolv_conf(): fix potential buffer overflow
-- vzctl_env_switch_snapshot: fix leak on error path
-- vzctl_env_convert_ploop(): check chmod return code
- Improvements:
-- veth: improve veth random MAC generation (#2695)
-- vzctl start: always mount /dev/pts for upstream CT
-- vzmigrate: add / to paths for rsync (#2686)
-- load_ploop_lib(): load .so.1, try .so too (for ploop-1.9)
-- scripts: use VPSCONFDIR instead of PKGCONFDIR/conf
-- vzctl.spec: add /var/lib/vz as a symlink to /vz
-- vzctl.spec: don't mark symlink as %dir
-- vzctl.spec: remove a bunch of defines
-- vzctl.spec: use %_sharedstatedir not /var/lib
-- vzctl.spec: quote rpm macros
-- vzctl.spec: remove extra slashes
- Documentation:
-- vztmpl-dl: improve usage
-- vztmpl-dl(8): describe new options
* Wed Jul 17 2013 Kir Kolyshkin <> - 4.4-1
- New functionality:
-- vztmpl-dl script to aid in template downloading/updating
-- nameserver/searchdomain auto-propagation from the host (#2301)
-- vzctl start: do fsck for ploop, add --skip-fsck (#2615)
-- add --stop-timeout/STOP_TIMEOUT option (#2621)
-- vzmigrate: use remote VZ_PRIVATE and VE_ROOT (#2523)
-- Introduce vz-postinstall script (set sysctl.conf, disable selinux)
-- vzmigrate: add -f, ability to ignore some checks (#2643)
-- distscripts: update for newer Arch Linux (#2617)
-- etc/vz.conf: set default OS template to centos-6-x86
-- etc/vz.conf: comment out NEIGHBOUR_DEVS by default
- Fixes:
-- vzmigrate: fix check for IPs when there are none (#2620)
-- Deny "unlimited" value for DISKSPACE/DISKINODES
-- scripts/vps-netns_dev_add: rework config action (#2637)
-- vzctl convert: fix final renames (#2638)
-- vzctl convert: rename old private back if failed (#2638)
-- vzctl convert: fix new directory mode to be 0700 not 0600
-- scripts/vps-rst: make VE_VETH_DEVS optional (#2659)
-- fix compilation on arches without support for VZ (RH #971821)
-- vzlist -j: fix to work on RHEL5 kernel (#2661)
-- fix exec to really enter into pidns on upstream kernel (#2658)
-- ignore comments when looking for venet0 (#2674)
-- destroydir(): don't return -1
-- create.c: fix warnings compiling w/o ploop
-- build fix for automake < 1.10.2
- Improvements:
-- vzmigrate: check ipv6 module on dest (#2555)
-- Remove check for ploop size (let ploop decide)
-- vzmigrate: improve invalid cmdline handling
-- [build] configure: set localstatedir to w/o prefix (#2637#c2)
- Documentation:
-- add vztmpl-dl(8)
-- vzctl(8), vz.conf(5), ctid.conf(5): "inherit" for nameserver/searchdomain
-- vzctl(8): describe new options --skip-fsck, --stop-timeout
-- vzmigrate(8): describe new option -f/--nodeps
-- vzmigrate(8): remove duplicate --live option description
-- vzmigrate --help: simplify synopsys
* Mon Jun 3 2013 Kir Kolyshkin <> - 4.3.1-1
- New functionality:
-- vzctl restore with CRIU: restore veth devices
- Fixes:
-- vzmigrate: fix a typo leading to missing `]' warning (harmless)
-- set _GNU_SOURCE for older autoconf
-- vzctl stop: don't kill CT right away if halt exited with 1
-- vzctl restore/start: fix running mount script (#2603)
-- vps_start_custom(): close old_wait_p fds
-- stat_file(): print error if other than ENOENT
-- vzctl snapshot-switch: do apply config saved on snapshot
-- vzctl snapshot-switch: don't remove dump file
-- fix checking stat_file() return code
-- vzctl create: umount ploop device if interrupted
-- src/snapshot.c: log errno after failed rename
-- vzctl start/destroy: fix criu dump removal
-- vzctl restore: synchronize criu with vzctl
-- vzctl --help: fix copyright years
- Improvements:
-- logger(): don't spoil errno
-- Macro GET_DUMP_FILE is internal, move to .c
-- is_vzquota_available(): use access() and check for x bit
-- stat_file(): use access() instead of stat()
-- vzctl_env_[u]mount_snapshot: rm guid check
-- vzctl_env_create_snapshot(): explicitly specify guid on rollback
-- vzctl_env_switch_snapshot(): rework using ploop_switch_snapshot_ex()
-- vzctl restore: more consistent error printing
- Documentation:
-- man: fix pages' dates
* Fri May 24 2013 Kir Kolyshkin <> - 4.3-1
- New functionality:
-- vzctl enter/exec now works for upstream kernel 3.8+
-- vzctl snapshot-[u]mount
-- user namespace support for upstream kernel 3.9+
-- vzctl suspend/resume: support upstream 3.x kernel via CRIU (
-- vzmigrate: add compatibility pre-checks for CPT version and CPU flags
-- Add vzstats dependency to rpm package
- Improvements:
-- vzctl: introduce cleanup handler mechanism, use for ploop, scripts etc.
-- vzctl start: add pre-start dist script
-- vzctl start: remove dumpfile on successful start
-- vzmigrate: add -o BatchMode=yes to SSH_OPTIONS
-- vzctl console: recognize ESC as a first character
-- add vzctl itself to OOM group configuration
-- bash-completion: add vzctl snapshot-list options
-- bash-completion: add vzctl snapshot-* --id/--uuid argument
-- vzctl set --reset_ub: make exclusive
-- vzctl set: on fail don't warn about missing --save
-- etc/init.d/vz*: try to run vzstats
-- vzmigrate: add --check-only (aka --dry-run)
-- Move container private area check after executing premount scripts
- Fixes:
-- vzctl snapshot-list -o desc,device: fix width
-- vzmigrate: fix ploop-based CT migration wrt symlinks
-- vzmigrate: improve a few log messages
-- vzmigrate: fix and optimize IP address checks
-- vzmigrate: fix checking rsync/vzctl exit code
-- vps_destroy_dir(): don't call quota on ploop CT
-- remove a bogus warning in no IPs case
-- src/lib/cpt.c:restore_fn(): log errno
-- Many (about 40) fixes here and there, found by Coverity
-- destroydir(): log errno
-- vzctl set 0 ... --force: don't SEGV on non-ovz kernel
-- vzctl set --force: require --save
-- vzctl set --diskspace: require --save for ploop
-- vps-download: fix config file in --config output
-- vzlist -o vswap: fix
-- vzctl start: fix ub limits setting for upstream containers
-- vzctl restore: don't run action scripts
-- Fix checking vps_is_mounted() return value
-- Remove more traces of noatime flag
- Documentation:
-- vzcptcheck(8): added
-- vzctl(8): note vzctl set --name requires --save
-- vzctl(8): improve --setmode description
-- vzctl(8): fix and improve description of set --userpasswd
-- vzctl(8): document snapshot-mount, snapshot-umount
-- vzctl(8): document --local-gid, local-uid
-- distribution.conf-template: document PRE_START
-- other fixes and improvements
* Fri Feb 15 2013 Kir Kolyshkin <> - 4.2-1
- New functionality:
-- Support for Fedora 18 in container (devices, disk quota, venet IPs, caps)
-- vzctl snapshot-list: add options a la vzlist (see --help or man for details)
- Improvements:
-- vzctl create: allow existing empty VE_PRIVATE (#2450)
-- vzctl stop/reboot: disable fsync in CT
-- vzctl: fix check for VEID_MAX
-- vzctl --ipadd: IPv6 support for etcnet (ALT Linux) (#2482)
-- vzlist: more strict check for cmdline-supplied CTIDs
-- vzlist: warn/skip invalid CTIDs in ve.conf files (#2514)
-- vzevent: do umount CT in case of reboot (#2507)
-- init.d/vz-redhat: stop vz earlier (#2478)
-- init.d/vz-gentoo: don't call tools by absolute path (#2477)
-- vzubc: add -wt option (add -t to invoked watch) (#2474)
-- vzubc: remove check for watch presence
-- vzctl.spec: cleanups, fixes, improvements
-- vzctl set --devnodes: add /usr/lib/udev/devices
-- minor code cleanups
- Fixes:
-- vzlist: fix segfault for ploop-based CT with no DISKINODES set (#2488)
-- vzlist --json: fix showing disk usage for non-running CTs
-- vzlist -o cpus: do not overwrite runtime value
-- vzlist --json: skip collecting numcpu info on old kernel
-- vzubc: fix -w/-c check
- Documentation:
-- man/*: correct path to scripts
-- vzctl(8): add missing CTID to SYNOPSYS
-- vzctl(8): document new snapshot-list options
* Tue Jan 1 2013 Kir Kolyshkin <> - 4.1.2-1
- Regressions:
-- etc/init.d/vz-gentoo: fix missing VZREBOOTDIR (#2467)
-- fix extra arguments parsing by add-on modules (#2428)
-- do not whine about unknown VE_STOP_MODE parameter
- Bug fixes:
-- load_ploop_lib(): prevent buffer overflow with newer ploop-lib
* Fri Dec 7 2012 Kir Kolyshkin <> - 4.1.1-1
- Regressions:
-- etc/init.d/vz*: fix accidental start of all CTs (#2424)
-- etc/init.d/vz*: do not auto-start CTs marked with ONBOOT=no (#2456)
-- init.d/vz*: only apply oom score if appropriate /proc file exist (#2423)
- Fixes:
-- vzctl set --devnodes: add /usr/lib/udev/devices
-- vzlist --json: skip collecting numcpu info on old kernel
- Improvements:
-- vz.conf, init.d/vz*: support for VE_STOP_MODE global parameter (#2432)
-- enable build for architectures not supported by OpenVZ kernel
-- vzlist: show if onboot field is unset
- Documentation:
-- vz.conf(5): describe VE_STOP_MODE
-- vzctl(8), ctid.conf(5): fix ONBOOT/--onboot description
* Thu Nov 1 2012 Kir Kolyshkin <> - 4.1-1
- New features
- * etc/init.d/vz: restore running containers after reboot (#781)
- * etc/init.d/vz: faster restart by doing CT suspend instead of stop (#2325)
- * vzctl start: try to restore CT first if default dump file exists
- * Add OOM adjustments configuration (see /etc/vz/oom-groups.conf)
- * If a CT is locked, show pid and cmdline of a locker
- * vzctl snapshot: add --skip-config option
- * vzctl: add 'suspend' and 'resume' aliases (for 'chkpnt' and 'restore')
- Fixes
- * vzctl snapshot: fix storing CT config file
- * vzctl snapshot-switch: fix restoring CT config file
- * vps-create: fix checking needed disk space (#2413)
- * vzctl set --mount_opts: fix a segfault (#2385)
- * only set default route if there is no other (#2376)
- * fix a bashism (#2403)
- * etc/init.d/vz*: eliminate "Container(s) not found" msg
- * etc/init.d/vz*: fix vzlist invocation in stop_ve(s)
- * etc/init.d/vz-redhat: mark more local vars as such
- * vzctl_resize_image(): initialize ploop_resize_param
- * getlockpid(): fix potential buffer overflow
- * Do not call xmlCleanupParser() from vzctl
- * Fixed compilation with libcgroup-0.37-r2 (#2370)
- * Properly return errors in cgroup_init() (#2372)
- * Print failures in ct_do_open directly to stderr
- * vzeventd: do process -h option
- Improvements
- * etc/init.d/vz* stop: set cpuunits for all CTs at once
- * vzctl snapshot*: improve --id parameter parsing
- * vzctl umount: handle the case when CT have deleted mount points
- * vzevent-stop: add workaround for Fedora 17 reboot problem (#2336)
- * vzctl restore: do not print "Starting container"
- * vzctl restore: print 'restore failed' not 'start failed'
- * scripts/vps-download: fix bogus warning from checkbashisms
- * vzctl_merge_snapshot(): simplify return code handling
- * Simplify ct_chroot() (no need to umount each mount point)
- Documentation
- * vzctl(8): improved vzctl create --layout/--diskspace description
- * vzctl(8): improve --diskspace description
- * vzctl(8): disambiguate 'it' in snapshot-switch description
- Build system
- * configure: add ability to alter /vz path (#421)
- * src/ fix building with builddir != srcdir (#2375)
- * properly propagate /var/lib/vzctl/veip dir
- * restore original and vzctl.spec if building
- * clean up dist tarball (if building) and rpms (if installing)
- * add -o|--oldpackage option
- * other minor improvements
* Tue Sep 25 2012 Kir Kolyshkin <> - 4.0-1
- New features
- * Ability to work with non-openvz kernel (experimental,
- * vzlist: add JSON output format (--json flag)
- * vzctl compact: implement (to compact ploop image)
- * vzctl snapshot: store/restore CT config on snapshot create/switch
- * vzctl set: add --mount_opts to set mount options for ploop
- * Implement dynamic loading of ploop library
- * Implement ability to build w/o ploop headers (./configure --without-ploop)
- * Split into vzctl-core and vzctl packages, removed vzctl-lib
- * Scripts moved from /usr/lib[64]/vzctl/scripts to /usr/libexec/vzctl
- * Added dists/scripts support for Alpine Linux
- Fixes
- * create /etc/resolv.conf with correct owner and perms (#2290)
- * vzctl --help: add snapshot* and compact commands
- * vzctl set --capability: improve cap setting code, eliminate kernel warning
- * vzctl set --quotaugidlimit: fix working for ploop after restart
- * vzctl start|enter|exec: eliminate race when checking CT's /sbin/init
- * vzlist, vzctl set --save: avoid extra delimiter in features list
- * vzlist: return default to always print CTID (use -n for names) (#2308)
- * vzmigrate: fix for offline migration of ploop CT (#2316, #2356)
- * vzctl.spec: add wget requirement (for vps-download)
- * osrelease.conf: add ubuntu-12.04 (#2343)
- * init.d/vz-redhat: fix errorneous lockfile removal (#2342)
- * do not set default route on venet0 when no IPs (#1941)
- * fixed for /etc/rc.conf case (#2367)
- * arch-{add,del} updated to deal with new Arch netcfg (#2280)
- * on an x86_64, install libraries to lib64
- * Build system: fix massively parallel build (e.g. make -j88)
- Improvements
- * init.d/vz*: stop CTs in the in the reverse order of start (#2330)
- * init.d/vz-redhat: add /vz to PRUNEPATHS in /etc/updatedb.conf
- * bash-completion: add remote completion for --ostemplate
- * bash_completion: complete ploop commands only if supported by the kernel
- * vzctl: call set_personality32() for 32-bit CTs on all architectures
- * vzctl console: speed up by using bigger buffer
- * vzctl chkpnt: fsync dump file
- * vzctl mount,destroy,snapshot-list: error out for too many arguments
- * vzctl set --diskinodes: warn it's ignored on ploop
- * vzctl set --hostname: put ::1 below in CT's /etc/hosts (#2290)
- * vzctl set: remove --noatime (obsolete now when relatime is used)
- * vzctl snapshot: added check for snapshot guid dup
- * vzctl snapshot-delete: fix error code
- * vzctl start/stop: print error for non-applicable options
- * vzctl status: do not show 'mounted' if stat() on root/private fails
- * vzctl status: do not show 'suspended' for running container
- * vzctl stop: various minor improvements
- * vzlist: add the following new fields:
nameserver, searchdomain, vswap, disabled, origin_sample, mount_opts
- * vzlist, vzctl status: speed up querying mounted status
- * vzlist: faster ploop diskspace info for unmounted case
- * vzmigrate: rename --online to --live
- * vzmigrate: do not use pv unless -v is specified
- * vzmigrate: do not lose ACLs and XATTRS (#2056)
- * vzmigrate: dump/restore first-level quota
- * switch to new ploop_read_disk_descr()
- * is_ploop_supported(): reimplement using /proc/vz/ploop_minor
- * Code refactoring, moving vz- and upstream-specific stuff to hooks_{vz,ct}.c
- * Various code cleanups
* Thu May 31 2012 Kir Kolyshkin <> - 3.3-1
- New features
- vzmigrate: ploop live migration using ploop-copy (#2252)
- vzctl stop: add --skip-umount flag
- vzctl set --ram/--swap: add --force
- Bug fixes
- fix vzctl and vzlist linking with ld 2.22
- Improvements
- vzmigrate: improve timings display, add -t option
- bash_completion: for vzctl restart offer running CT IDs
* Fri May 18 2012 Kir Kolyshkin <> - 3.2.1-1
- vzctl set: fix processing --ram/--swap options (#2269)
- vzctl start: improve err msg for vswap config vs non-vswap kernel (#2263)
* Thu May 3 2012 Kir Kolyshkin <> - 3.2-1
- New features
- vzctl console now accepts tty number argument
- vzctl console: add ESC ! to issue SAK
- vzlist: show diskspace/diskinodes usage/limit for ploop CTs
- vzlist: add more new fields
- layout (simfs/ploop)
- private/root (to show VE_PRIVATE and VE_ROOT)
- features
- smart_ctid (CT name if available, otherwise numeric CTID)
- Fixes
- vzctl start: ability to start containers with systemd
- vzctl set --ram, --swap: default value is now in bytes
- vzctl set --save: do not save parameters if failed to apply (#2032)
- vzctl restore: fix non-working in-CT quota after restore for ploop case
- vzctl restore: do not ignore DUMPDIR value
- Fix giving excessive permissions for ugid quota disk device
- vzctl console: do not issue SAK on detach (it can kill scripts)
- vzctl start: umount ploop image on CT start
- vzctl set/start/convert</code: check for max possible ploop size (#2250)
- vzlist: do not show UBC from proc for stopped CTs (#2151)
- init.d/initd-functions: fixes for dash
- vzubc: fix mixed up qheld/qmaxheld (#2238)
- vzctl snapshot: resume CT if creating snapshot failed
- vzmigrate: skip vzquota ops for ploop-based CTs (related to #2252)
- vzmigrate: do not migrate ploop CT if ploop is not available on dst
- vzmigrate: do not use --sparse for ploop CTs (related to #2252)
- Fix error handling in vps_is_run() (#2243)
- Improvements
- vps-download: accept relative template cache paths (#2222)
- vzlist: use smart_ctid instead of ctid in default output format
- vzctl set ram/swap, vzctl start: check if kernel is vswap capable (#2251)
- bash_completion: only complete simfs CTs for vzctl convert
- bash_completion: only complete ploop CTs for vzctl snapshot*
- vzubc: allow -qh/-qm argument to be per cent (if > 1)
- vzctl snapshot: removed snapshot-create command alias
- vzctl snapshot: add --skip-suspend option
- vzctl set --features/--iptables/--capability: ability to specify
several comma-separated values at once
- vzmigrate: make -vvv add -vv to rsync
- Code cleanups
- include/*.h: remove non-existent function prototypes
- remove NULL checks before free()
- some functions marked as static, moved to there they belong
- get rid of setup_resource_management()
- whitespace nitpicks
- Documentation
- Add --ram, --swap to vzctl --help output (#2219)
- vzctl(8): explain host_mac value for bridge (#2210)
- vzctl(8): better description of --quotaugidlimit wrt ploop
- vzctl(8): do not use "second-level quota" term
- vzctl(8): document ttynum vzctl console argument
- vzctl(8): add/improve escape sequences description for vzctl console
- vzctl(8): document --reset_ub
- vzctl(8): describe --name and --description for vzctl snapshot
- vzctl(8): various formatting fixes and improvements
- vzmigrate(8): add missing exit codes description
- man/ fix Copyright years
- vzctl.spec: add changelog
* Thu Mar 22 2012 Kir Kolyshkin <> - 3.1-1
- New features
- preliminary beta support for ploop (aka container-in-a-file) technology
- new global config parameter VE_LAYOUT={simfs|ploop}
- new vzctl create options --layout and --diskspace
- new vzctl convert command to convert from simfs to ploop (not back!)
- vzctl mount/umount implemented for ploop case
- vzctl set --diskspace does ploop image resize
- second-level (quotaugidlimit) quota on ploop/ext4 support
- basic snapshot functionality (vzctl snapshot* commands)
- support for CT console (vzctl console command)
- Fixes
- do not set up venet0 if no IPs (#2077)
- vzctl enter: fix garbage output after enter (#2139, #2146)
- vzlist: do not exit with 1 if there are no CTs (#2149)
- vps-download: fix downloaded template GPG check (#2162)
- vps-download: fix to work under dash
- vzctl destroy: remove dump file as well (#2163)
- init.d/vz: fix grep statement
- vzctl restore: fix "container already running" exit code
- Improvements
- Make the "Failed to set up upstart" message more verbose (#2140)
- vzctl create: tell "Creating container" at the right time
- vzctl create: show tarball extraction progress using pv (if available)
- init.d/vz: Stricter auto-replacement of CONFIGFILE (#2169)
- init.d/vz: fix for "we are in container" check
- add ability to skip crontab time randomization (#2174)
- Improve config parsing and its error reporting
- vzctl create: improve 'sample config not found' error msg
- umount_submounts(): process mounts in reverse order
- Documentation
- ploop and console documented in appropriate man pages
- man/vzctl.8: fix --diskspace description for ploop case
- man/vzctl.8: --diskquota, --diskinodes and --quotatime ignored for ploop
- some macros that are not available on older systems are now embedded
- vzctl man page: simplified SYNOPSYS section
- vz.conf(5), vzctl(8): fix/improve description of CONFIGFILE / --config
- vzctl --help: fix create options
- vz.conf(5), vzctl(8): describe DEF_OSTEMPLATE / --ostemplate
- vzctl(8), vzctl --help: add missing --name option to 'create'
- vzctl(8): add CTID to commands where it was absent
* Wed Jun 13 2007 Andy Shevchenko <> - 3.0.17-1
- fixed according to Fedora Packaging Guidelines:
- use dist tag
- added URL tag
- use full url for source
- changed BuildRoot tag