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This document tells how to install vzctl from source. Note that the preferred
method of installation is from packages provided by either your distro or
directly by OpenVZ project.
== Quick instructions: for the impatient ==
Compile with:
$ ./configure --enable-bashcomp --enable-logrotate
$ make
Install with (as root):
# make install
# make install-<distro>
Here <distro> can be one of: redhat, suse, gentoo, debian.
== Complete instructions ==
=== Configuration ===
Run ./configure script with the options you want (see
the full list of available options by running ./configure --help).
Some useful options are:
Installation root. By default this is /usr/local, you might want to change it
to /usr by providing --prefix=/usr to ./configure
Enable bash-completion support for vzctl command line arguments. You want
this if you use bash completion on your system.
Enable logrotate support for vzctl log file. You want this if you use
logrotate scripts on your system.
Disables installation of udev file describing vzctl device (/dev/vzctl).
This is enabled by default since all the modern Linux distributions use udev.
Supply this option in case you do not use udev on your system.
You can also supply environment variables like CC and CFLAGS to configure,
for example:
CC=gcc4 CFLAGS="-O0 -g -Wall" ./configure [options]
=== Compilation ===
Just run
=== Installation ===
This step is usually have to be done as root.
First, run
make install
In addition, you should install some distribution-specific parts of vzctl.
To that effect, run one of the following:
make install-gentoo # for Gentoo
make install-redhat # for Red Hat, CentOS, and Fedora
make install-suse # for openSUSE and SLES
make install-debian # for Debian and Ubuntu