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#ifndef _CPT_H_
#define _CPT_H_
#include "types.h"
#define PROC_CPT "/proc/cpt"
#define PROC_RST "/proc/rst"
#define CMD_CHKPNT 1
#define CMD_SUSPEND 2
#define CMD_DUMP 3
#define CMD_RESTORE 4
#define CMD_UNDUMP 5
#define CMD_KILL 10
#define CMD_RESUME 11
typedef struct {
char *dumpdir;
char *dumpfile;
unsigned int ctx;
unsigned int cpu_flags;
int cmd;
int rst_fd;
} cpt_param;
struct vps_param;
int cpt_cmd(vps_handler *h, envid_t veid, int cmd, cpt_param *param,
struct vps_param *vps_p);
int vps_chkpnt(vps_handler *h, envid_t veid, struct vps_param *vps_p, int cmd,
cpt_param *param);
int vps_restore(vps_handler *h, envid_t veid, struct vps_param *vps_p, int cmd,
cpt_param *param);
void clean_hardlink_dir(const char *mntdir);
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