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Aggregate a bunch of unreliable proxies (typically taken from those "Free Proxy List" websites) into one reliable proxy server.
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A proxy server to aggregate a list of unreliable proxies (typically taken from one of those "Free Proxy List" websites) into reliable one.

##Usability notice

I don't consider this software to be that concrete-stable production ready, but it is good enough to pipe hundreds of requests through itself. It helps me to get what I want in it's current state, and I believe it could be helpful for somebody else.


  • Download the software and install dependency packages.
git clone
cd ninja-proxy
npm install
  • Get a list of proxy servers and put it into ninja-proxy/proxies.txt file. Free proxies could be found at or or anywhere else. Make a list of proxies, each on a new line in the HOST:PORT form and save it to ninja-proxy/proxies.txt.

  • That's it! Run the server with the following command

cd ninja-proxy
node index.js

Server listens on Set this address as a proxy in the software or program you use. Some debugging info is printed into console while working.


  • Some proxies respond with only a part of requested content. May be it is possible to track such cases with content-length header analysis.
  • Ninja-proxy could validate proxies itself using
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