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Reload your Laravel Tinker session from inside Tinker, plus magic shortcuts for first(), find(), where(), and more!
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Laravel Tinx

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Laravel Tinker, re()loaded.

Reload your session from inside Tinker, plus magic shortcuts for first(), find(), where(), and more!


To install Tinx, simply require it via Composer:

composer require --dev ajthinking/tinx

If using Laravel <=5.4, register Tinx's service provider in config/app.php (Laravel >=5.5 does this automatically):


// 'config/app.php'

return [
    // etc…
    'providers' => [
        // etc…
        // etc…
    // etc…


From the command line, instead of running php artisan tinker, run:

php artisan tinx

Reload your Tinker session

To reboot your current session, simply call:


This will allow you to immediately test out your application's code changes.

Aliases: reboot(), reload(), restart().

To regenerate Composer's optimized autoload files before rebooting your current session, call:


Calling reo() simply runs composer dump -o before re(), ensuring any new classes added to your codebase since starting Tinx are automatically aliasable/resolvable by Laravel Tinker.

Magic models

Tinx sniffs your models and prepares the following shortcuts:

Example Shortcut Equals
$u App\User::first()
$u_ App\User::latest()->first()
$c App\Models\Car::first()
u(3) App\User::find(3)
u("gmail") Where "%gmail%" is found in any column.
u("mail", "") App\User::where("mail", "")->get()
u("id", ">", 0) App\User::where("id", ">", 0)->get()
u() "App\User"
u()::whereRaw(...) App\User::whereRaw(...) // Note: >= PHP 7.0 only

Naming strategy

Tinx calculates shortcut names via the implementation defined by your strategy config value.

Lets say you have two models: Car and Crocodile.

If your naming strategy was set to pascal (default), Tinx would define the following shortcuts in your session:

  • Car: $c, $c_, c()
  • Crocodile: $cr, $cr_, cr()


The shortcuts defined for your session will display when Tinx loads and on subsequent reloads.

To see your shortcuts at any time during your session, run:


Your shortcuts will initially display only if your session satisfies the names_table_limit config value.

To filter the shortcuts returned by names(), simply pass your filter terms like so:

names('car', 'user')


Tinx contains a number of helpful configuration options.

To personalise your Tinx installation, publish its config file by running:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider=Ajthinking\\Tinx\\TinxServiceProvider --force

Once published, edit config/tinx.php where appropriate to suit your needs:


// 'config/tinx.php'

return [

     * Base paths to search for models (paths ending in '*' search recursively).
     * */
    'model_paths' => [
        // '/also/search/this/directory',
        // '/also/search/this/directory/recursively/*',

     * Only define these models (all other models will be ignored).
     * */
    'only' => [
        // 'App\OnlyThisModel',
        // 'App\AlsoOnlyThisModel',

     * Ignore these models.
     * */
    'except' => [
        // 'App\IgnoreThisModel',
        // 'App\AlsoIgnoreThisModel',

     * Model shortcut naming strategy (e.g. 'App\User' = '$u', '$u_', 'u()').
     * Supported values: 'pascal', 'shortestUnique'
     * */
    'strategy' => 'pascal',
     * Alternatively, you may pass a resolvable fully qualified class name
     * implementing 'Ajthinking\Tinx\Naming\Strategy'.
     * */
    // 'strategy' => App\CustomNamingStrategy::class,

     * Column name (e.g. 'id', 'created_at') used to determine last model shortcut (i.e. '$u_').
     * */
    'latest_column' => 'created_at',

     * If true, models without database tables will also have shortcuts defined.
     * */
    'tableless_models' => false,

     * Include these file(s) before starting tinker.
     * */
    'include' => [
        // '/include/this/file.php',
        // '/also/include/this/file.php',

     * Show the console 'Class/Shortcuts' table for up to this many model names, otherwise, hide it.
     * To always view the 'Class/Shortcuts' table regardless of the model name count,
     * pass a 'verbose' flag when booting Tinx (e.g. "php artisan tinx -v"),
     * or set this value to '-1'.
     * */
    'names_table_limit' => 10,



Please post issues and send PRs.



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