Development of AI for Dota 2's 7.00 public AI API
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New folder Meepo Split Push! Jan 25, 2017
builds Cleanup Feb 1, 2017
.gitattributes Init Dec 27, 2016
BotData.lua Workshop update Jan 21, 2017
ItemData.lua Fix for a few random bugs Jan 30, 2017 Create Jun 9, 2017
Vectors.lua Cleanup Feb 1, 2017
ability_item_usage_generic.lua Fix #13 Jan 27, 2017
ability_item_usage_meepo.lua Fix for a few random bugs Jan 30, 2017
ability_item_usage_monkey_king.lua Workshop update Jan 21, 2017
ability_item_usage_puck.lua Cleanup Feb 1, 2017
ability_item_usage_rattletrap.lua Fix for a few random bugs Jan 30, 2017
bot_puck.lua Bot Builds! Jan 27, 2017
enemy_status.lua Meepo Split Push! Jan 25, 2017
hero_selection.lua Fix for a few random bugs Jan 30, 2017
hero_selection1.lua Bot Builds! Jan 27, 2017
herolist.txt Init Dec 27, 2016
inspect.lua Add Util Jan 2, 2017
item_purchase_generic.lua Fix for a few random bugs Jan 30, 2017
jungle_status.lua Cleanup Feb 1, 2017
meepo_status.lua Fix for a few random bugs Jan 30, 2017
mode_farm_meepo.lua Meepo Split Push! Jan 25, 2017
mode_item_meepo.lua Meepo Split Push! Jan 25, 2017
mode_laning_generic.lua Cleanup Feb 1, 2017
mode_push_tower_bot_meepo.lua Tweak for BOTS Jan 27, 2017
mode_push_tower_mid_meepo.lua Tweak for BOTS Jan 27, 2017
mode_push_tower_top_meepo.lua Tweak for BOTS Jan 27, 2017
mode_rune_generic.lua Bot Builds! Jan 27, 2017
mode_secret_shop_generic.lua Bot Builds! Jan 27, 2017
mode_secret_shop_meepo.lua Init Dec 27, 2016
mode_secret_shop_puck.lua Init Dec 27, 2016
mode_side_shop_meepo.lua Meepo Tweaks Jan 4, 2017
npc_abilities.txt for reference Jan 23, 2017
npc_heroes.txt for reference Jan 23, 2017
npc_units.txt for reference Jan 23, 2017
skillData.lua API/Retreat update Jan 20, 2017
team_status.lua Meepo Split Push! Jan 25, 2017
util.lua Cleanup Feb 1, 2017

##My Dota2 Bots... Are on hold until further notice. I will be back, but as this API and the game itself updates rapidly, consider this code non-functional until further notice. Sorry :(

With 7.00 came a long awaited supported AI for writing our own bots, I play a LOT of bot games with friends so I couldn't resist taking a crack at it. Gives me an excuse to learn LUA as well.

##Updates! WARNING - Looks like I got hasty with some of these new builds, a few are missing a ; here or there and crashing. Please report them Added new builds for all 39 default bots (plus riki). Used one of the top rated community guides for each hero with a couple exceptions.

Greatly simplified how new item builds are setup thanks to an item file PBot/pbenologa set up a while back. Now you can specify derived items like mekansm without writing out each constituant peice. You can still write out each peace if you care what order they are bought in. I will continue to make this purchasing smarter as I go. Next goal is role specific dynamic team items.

Reverted to the original retreat mode, the modes do not play well with changes unless you change them all to match. Need more work on modes.

Have re-enabled ward/item modes. Default code seems to have fixed these 2 modes to be adequate again. Also made it so the bots of appropirate role buy courier/wards

Version 1 of meepo split push! Adjust his build to buy Boots of Travel instead of treads and Eth blade and Heart and he now can get poor mans shield out of his inventory for a better item late game.

##Current Bots Under Development Meepo - regularly beats default bots - Now has BOTs and split push, needs iteration and work on hitting buildings.

Puck - playable/rough - TODO's Orb Tracking for jaunt

Clockwerk - rough - TODO's need fight awareness and much skill work

##Current General Modes Under Development Jungling - Team wide jungle camp tracking and stacking with easy to use vectors. Vectors still being tweaked

Runes - Bots can 'call' runes to be theirs and go and collect them. Will also grab any rune it walks by that is available. Has a 30% chance they will ignore their called rune, this was a feel decision because every rune being fought for on every cycle just wasn't right.

Item Purchase - Set up for easily adding a new bot with just an item/skill build list. Needs sell/disassemble and role based purchase added

Utilities - Adds bot scope functions to CDOTA_bot_script to call using npcBot:func() left other functions in utilities module to be used with require()

##How To Install

UPDATE: Workshop is live you can now create a lobby and use workshop too to find WIP- Bots by FuriousPuppy instead of the following.

  1. Download the latest version
  2. Unzip and rename the folder to "bots"
  3. Move it to **"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota\scripts\vscripts**"
  4. Server Location: Local Host, Bot Settings/Radient Bots and Dire Bots: Local Dev Script

Available hero_selections:

default hero_selection = 5v5 all pick tested with all bots or 1-2 players but should work for any # of players

hero_selection1 = 1v1 solo mid with just bots - rename to hero_selection to use

##Important Info I am playing within the default modes that we have the option of overwriting for now. This has it's limitations and my bots still fall victim to the decision making of the default bot code quite often. Pretty sure Meepo thinks he's Sterling Archer... only there are 5 of him...

Also, I am using some _generic files. This also has side effects.
The big one other bot coders might need to watch out for is that I override item_purchase_generic.lua and have it setup where there is a builds folder with files for every bot. If a bot isn't implemented yet it will just have "NOT IMPLEMENTED" in that file. THAT IS IMPORTANT and the game may crash without that. It also means every unit will try and call it, so be prepared for death wards, necronomicons etc. to generate console errors of the 'missing file' kind. This will not affect game play that i've ever seen.

References I use

Also, there are multiple discord discussion channels in the forums linked above. The people there are a big help and may recognize several chunks of code in here from those communities. Thanks Guys!

##Contributors Somanyrobots - hero_selection.lua PBot/pbenologa - ItemData.lua

Jump on in guys, there are over 100 Heroes in Dota2 and they aren't all writing their own code! I'm open to any discussion on overall dev direction, individual bot code, builds, wants/wishes but right now I'm only one guy. Anyone that wants to help is appreciated. There is a bot tournament or possibly set of tournaments as soon as Jan/Feb. If you'd like to join forces let me know.