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A python script for checking new episodes of shows/animes and downloading them automatically


Becuse it's hard to track all that shows and if you have multiple wathers under same house, you will certainly have trouble fitting in your quota.(thanks my dear ISP...)


Last downloaded episode info are being stored for all shows in a json.

Fetchers collect information from resources as or horriblesubs. If they provide an api uses it. Otherwise, parses the html.

If there is a new episode, finds its torrent link(somehow) and sends it to remote transmission client.


  • transmissionrpc
  • pyquery
  • beautifulsoup4
  • requests
  • pyOpenSSL
  • pyasn1
  • ndg-httpsclient
  • json

What to do

Ordered by priority:

  • Update lastDownloaded value after adding torrent
  • An fetcher. Library is already here, we need to modify it for torrents(instead of magnets). ( we didn't :) )
  • A subtitle fetcher for tv shows( and should be first)
  • An html page for adding shows to watchlist.(template file is already there we need a simple http server and few ajax requests)
  • A Scheduler for running script occasionally.(just cron might be enough)
  • A checklist for storing who watched which episode.
  • A logic for determining which episode is wathced by all and shoud be removed. And setting storeSince value.
  • A cleaner job removes files according to the storeSince value.
  • A server for serving files locally.(maybe a mediaserver as well)
  • MOAR fetchers
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