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Welcome to the Python OS Wiki!

The current release is v1.01. Report issues on the Issues page.

If you are making your own Python OS system, you can download 3D-printable components to make a case here.

Resources to start with:

Python OS is designed to run on a Raspberry Pi microcomputer. The model B or higher is recommended. The OS itself is designed to run with a touchscreen such as Adafruit's PiTFT - Assembled 320x240 2.8" TFT+Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi, but nothing in it requires the use of one. You can test it out on any computer that can run Python and Pygame.

Interesting features

  • Modular, easy-to-write applications.
  • A complete, event driven GUI toolkit.
  • A touchscreen keyboard.
  • Much more!

If you enjoy using Python OS, please consider a donation to help fund development.


Getting Started


Threads and Tasks

Applications and Notifications

The State Class and Variable

The GUI, Events, Resources, and Dialogs

The following classes are all under the GUI class, e.g. Font is actually accessed as GUI.Font.

  • Font class
  • Icons class
  • ColorPalette class
  • LongClickEvent class
  • IntermediateUpdateEvent class
  • EventQueue class
  • FunctionBar class
  • Keyboard class
  • Overlay class
  • Dialog class
    • OKDialog dialog
    • ErrorDialog dialog
    • WarningDialog dialog
    • YNDialog dialog
    • OKCancelDialog dialog
    • AskDialog dialog
    • CustomContentDialog dialog
  • NotificationMenu overlay
    • RecentAppSwitcher overlay
    • Selector overlay

GUI Components and Containers

  • Component class

The following classes are all Components, they inherit from that class.

  • Container component
  • AppContainer container
  • Button container
  • KeyboardButton container
  • TextEntryField container
  • PagedContainer container
    • GriddedPagedContainer container
    • ListedPagedContainer container
  • ButtonRow container
  • ScrollableContainer container
    • ListScrollableContainer container
    • TextScrollableContainer container
    • MultiLineTextEntryField container
  • Text component
  • MultiLineText component
  • ExpandingMultiLineText component
  • Image component
  • Slider component
  • Checkbox component
  • Switch component
  • Canvas component
  • ScrollIndicator component
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