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This repository includes an example application built using blueprint3d:

What is this?

This is a customizable application built on three.js that allows users to design an interior space such as a home or apartment. Below are screenshots from our Example App (link above).

  1. Create 2D floorplan:


  1. Add items:


  1. Design in 3D:


Developing and Running Locally

To get started, clone the repository and ensure you npm >= 3 and grunt installed, then run:

npm install

The latter command generates example/js/blueprint3d.js from src.

The easiest way to run locally is to run a local server from the example directory. There are plenty of options. One uses Python's built in webserver:

cd example

# Python 2.x
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

# Python 3.x
python -m http.server

Then, visit http://localhost:8000 in your browser.


This project requires a lot more work. In general, it was rushed through various prototype stages, and never refactored as much as it probably should be. We need your help!

Please contact us if you are interested in contributing.


  • More complete documentation (based on the TypeDoc comments)
  • Test suite (e.g. jasmine)
  • Make it easier to build a complete application using blueprint3d (cleaner API, more inclusive base, easier integration with a backend)
  • Better serialization format for saving/loading "designs"
  • Remove the dependency on jquery from the core source!
  • Better use of npm conventions and packaging
  • Various bug fixes
  • refactor three/* - use of classes, lambdas
  • update to current threejs
  • introduce a more formal persistency format
  • put all relevant settings into Core.Configuration to make them read-/writeable, User settings?
  • complete type docs for all entities
  • there're a few TODO_Ekki's left, kill them all

Directory Structure

src/ Directory

The src directory contains the core of the project. Here is a description of the various sub-directories:

core - Basic utilities such as logging and generic functions

floorplanner - 2D view/controller for editing the floorplan

items - Various types of items that can go in rooms

model - Data model representing both the 2D floorplan and all of the items in it

three - 3D view/controller for viewing and modifying item placement

example/ Directory

The example directory contains an application built using the core blueprint3d javascript building blocks. It adds html, css, models, textures, and more javascript to tie everything together.


This project is open-source! See LICENSE.txt for more information.