Well, I am translating moddle.
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Architecture of Open Source Applicantion -- Chinese Translation

Architecture of Open Source Application is an excellent book I have ever seen. It talks about the architecture of famous open source application including GDB, LLVM, Git, Nginx, etc. You must know some of them. This book collects the information about how and why they are designed, the way they are designed, and some history about themselves. Each chapter has a part called Lessons Learned, summarizing the most valuable experience in this project.

We love this book, therefore I decided to translate it from English to Chinese. My roomate Mr. Jia has great interest, too. So we just begin. However, we found out that, a community in China called ITURING has began such a project. So we finally merge our project into the work of that community.

Currently, I have finished Moodle, and make a summary of it.