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In AI course, we are required to design and implement an agent to play GO with each other. In the stage of preparation, we are suggested to use a mature GTP engine in C implementation. However, I'm eggache. I started to search whether there is a java version. Finally, I was frustrated that, such a thing I have ever found is not Open Source! So I decided to implement one ^ ^.

What is EEE

Well, it is not another abbreviation for IEEE, it is just EEE. When ACMers are happy, or don't know what to say, they always shout "E E E!". In Chinese, it may means "Goose, Goose, Goose". That's all.

What is GTP

GTP, or Go Text Protocol is a protocol for communicating between two agents who are playing computer go. Go is a traditional Chinese Game, which brings great challenges in AI area. The version I implemented is GTP 2, draft 2, which is required by my AI course.


The whole project is built by ant(Well, I'm trying to use maven).

|Agent Algorithm (Visitor)|
          | |
          | |
|        Command          |
          | |
          | |
|       Connection        |

Connection is responsible to set up a stream for communication. An agent will continuely read command in a connection. After something is received, an agent should use Command Factory to parse it, and generate a command. A command take some parameters, and should be handled with a Command Visitor.

By the way, I implement all gtp types in package e3gtp.connection. I use Visitor Pattern here, since every agent algorithm is a visitor of commands. Therefore, the agent should keep state machine of itself. After visit a command, a command visitor should generate a Response. A response includes an ID(optional), whether succeed, and the response body according to the protocol.


Author: Li Shijian

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