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Simple cross plat global messaging/event broadcast
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Simple cross plat global messaging/event broadcast, with a few optional data fields and delayed dispatch.

import com.furusystems.messaging.Message;
import com.furusystems.messaging.MessageData;
import com.furusystems.messaging.Messaging;
class Tests 
  	static var myMessage:Message = new Message(); //predefined message type
		public function new() 
			Messaging.addCallback([myMessage], myMessageCallback); //create a listener for a message type
			Messaging.send(myMessage, "foo", this, 2); //In two seconds, send a message of the type myMessage, with the data "foo", with a pointer to this
		function myMessageCallback(m:MessageData):Void 
			trace("Message received");
			m.message; //the message type (useful for switches); //The message data (in this example, "foo")
			m.source; //The message origin (in this example, "this")
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