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3rd party plugins

Name Description Link
Gulp Adapter Adapt gulp plugins to work with fuse-box unlight/fusebox-gulp-plugin
ESLinter ESlint plugin for fuse-box DoumanAsh/fuse-box-eslint-plugin
Closure Compiler Fusebox Google Closure Compiler Plugin matthiasak/fusebox-closure-plugin
proxying / stubbing imports Fusebox proxying / stubbing imports Plugin tomitrescak/proxyrequire
Process Run any tasks (npm, tsc, etc.) after fuse-box bundled your code RPDeshaies/fuse-box-process-plugin
ng2-fused Wraps url strings for templateUrl and styleUrls inside of require statements. Inspired by angular2-template-loader for webpack.
fuse-box-process-plugin A Plugin for fuse-box that gives you the ability to run any tasks (npm, tsc, etc.) after fuse-box bundled your code.
bundle-config A Plugin to configure the fused application per bundle and production state eddow/bundle-config