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@nchanged nchanged released this Oct 29, 2018 · 843 commits to master since this release

Bug Fixes

  • $target: fluent api method target() does not split target and language level (812fa63)
  • CSSModules: use correct CSS file path (#1377) (f3f067f)
  • Quantum: global process and process.env are handled gracefully (341d5ff)
  • allow fine tuning of chokidar to prevent ENOSPC errors (#1384) (563765a)
  • Quantum: Limit process replacement for browser only (7066967)
  • cache busting should not be used if the target is a server (#1394) (ae6595f), closes #1393
  • Entry point in Quantum builds (#1387) (81b404e), closes #1206
  • improved detection of language level for transpilation (769055a), closes #1399
  • improving import syntax detection (d2c9cd6), closes #1414
  • Improving tsConfig, added "extends" support (#1411) (6b7b19d)
  • Remove legacy obj-rest-spread plugin from acorn (a827c62)


  • add optional filterFn parameter to (0c91f20)
  • CSSResourcePlugin: generate hashed file names using relative file path (8f21daf)
  • SassPlugin: Shared resource files in the config (dc59fde)
  • Added domain and dgram browser polyfills (98be8c8), closes #1410
  • Automatically resolve ts files with useTypescriptCompiler (f9e3ecf)
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