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@nchanged nchanged released this Feb 5, 2019 · 784 commits to master since this release

Bug Fixes

  • Added target es2018 and set it as a default target if non specified (6c6c562)
  • adds stream-browserify as stream polyfill for browser (d6d5bc4)
  • dev-imports should contain es5 only. (#1439) (090ed3e)
  • Domain polyfill syntax error (#1438) (5456c49)
  • Export Babel7Plugin (#1462) (4ee707f)
  • get script language level as number always (4ee2a7d)
  • Sparky: correct target type of SparkyContext (resolve #1464) (5f31611)
  • Hmr does not reload separate css-file changes in a Vue project (#1423) (78339d2)
  • Ignored patterns to watcher (1bc00ca)
  • Sparky: Exit code should equal to 1 in case of an error (e9ca87d), closes #828
  • improve defaults and handling of config files (da8e706)
  • Language level check for required modules (b0acc1e)
  • move CSS insertion from top of head tag to the bottom (#1482) (1a2656b)
  • resolve autoimport when target is server (474e953)
  • Restrict file removal on modules containing computed properties (d5f8cdf), closes #1471
  • specify languageLevel and forcedLnguageLevel explicitly as number (ee02e59)
  • tsconfig baseURL and automatic alias (3d7e228)
  • Watcher should ignore dist folder when homeDir points to './' (1cc41f3)


  • Add ability to pass optional cli Args to FuseProcess (552df36)
  • Add StyledComponentsPlugin #1366 (#1449) (785cd8f)
  • Add Terser support for minification (#1428) (1a04c70)
  • add tests checking config files loaded correctly (ca96306)
  • Babel7Plugin implementation (#1453) (123a516)
  • Handle resolve urls including protocol (54f3828)
  • improve docs for babel7 plugin with all options and more example (a42055f)
  • Quantum Source Maps (134292c)
  • report diagnostic errors on compilerOptions - #1457 (#1470) (7c9b7bd)
  • resolve injected imports from preset-env on babel7 (7de0ca1)
  • $devServer: Use fusebox logger for HTTPServer logging (46b4bfe)
  • WebIndexPlugin: cssPath property to customise public paths for CSS (c8239d9), closes #1432
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