This example uses the Fuse.Controls.Camera premium package

Basic Camera use is simple:

<CameraView ux:Name="_camera" />
	var Camera = _camera;
		.then(function(photo) {
				.then(function(filePath) {
					console.log("Photo saved to: " + filePath);
				.catch(function(error) {
					console.log("Failed to save photo: " + error);
		.catch(function(error) {
			console.log("Failed to capture photo: " + error);

capturePhoto returns a Promise that will resolve to an object representing the captured photo. We can then save the photo to a file on disk. save() will return a Promise that resolves to a filepath.

Camera features implemented in this example

  • Photo capture
  • Capture preview with the special ImageSource provided by in the Camera API
  • Video recording and preview.
  • Changing capture mode
  • Changing flash mode
  • Dealing with Android specific photo settings

Please have a look at the official docs for complete API reference here.