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Creating a custom button with an image

This example shows two different ways to create a custom button that has an image and text as properties. Which approach you use depends on what is most convenient in your application.

Using a File property

MyButtonFile shows how to expose a FileImage property. This works just like the Image.File property and a filename is provided directly.

<MyButtonFile FileImage="cancel.png" Text="Cancel" />

This approach is perhaps the easier to understand, but is less versatile.

Using a ImageSource property

The MyButtonSource shows how to expose a Image property. This works just like the Image.Source property, thus supporting a variety of use-cases.

You can create free ImageSource objects and use them:

<FileImageSource ux:Name="iconCancel" File="cancel.png" ux:AutoBind="false" />
<MyButtonSource Image="iconCancel" Text="Cancel" />

You can use the resource system:

<FileImageSource ux:Key="IconCancel" File="cancel.png" />
<MyButtonSource Image="{Resource IconCancel}" Text="Cancel" />

The resource system is also useful if you want to specify the button in JavaScript:

<FileImageSource ux:Key="IconCancel" File="cancel.png" />
	var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");
	var useIcon = Observable("IconCancel");
	var useText = "Cancel";

	module.exports = {
		useIcon: useIcon,
		useText: useText
<MyButtonSource Image="{DataToResource useIcon}" Text="{useText}" />

You can also use global's if you want:

<FileImageSource ux:Global="GlobalCancel" File="cancel.png" />
<MyButtonSource Image="GlobalCancel" Text="Cancel" />