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* Adding several description.yaml files

* added description.yaml to Lifecycle

* added description.yaml to Gestures/Swipe

* added description.yaml to Camera

* added description.yaml to Controls/ButtonWithImage

* added description.yaml for DropdownMenu

* added description.yaml for EdgeNavigator

* added description.yaml to FileBrowser

* add description.yaml to FilterOnObservableCondition

* added description.yaml to GeoLocation

* Added description.yaml to /RelativeTo

* fix typos

* patch names, simplify text
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Circular layout and range controls

This example creates a time picker using the CircleLayout and RangeControl2d. It includes an Attractor and an interaction transition to show how to combine these elements together.

Click on a hour/minute to select, or click and drag. Once you select an hour it will transition to the minutes screen. Click on the hour in the top display to go back to the hour selection.

The control RangeControl2D is a pure semantic control, and does nothing on its own. The standard CircularRangeBehavior maps a section of circle onto the two values of that control. For normal RangeControl it maps only one value. For the hour hands note the use of UserStep="1,1" to quantize the selection on both axis.

On CircleLayout even though we have a full 360° we're using StartAngleDegrees and EndAngleDegrees. This allows us to specify the children in normal clock order, and gives an example of those properties.