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Pizza Selection Examples

This example demonstrates the various aspects of the selection API by means of a pseudo-pizza delivery app.

Radio Buttons

Radio buttons

PizzaPage.ux is a radio button style control: only one pizza can be selected at a time. This basic behaviours is created by setting both MinCount and MaxCount on the selection to 1:

<Selection ux:Name="pizzaSel" MinCount="1" MaxCount="1" />

A PizzaType class is created to make it easier to create all the items in the selection. The Selectable behavior is what makes the item selectable:

<Selectable Value="{ReadProperty Title}" />

Selection and Selectable are the two key types that work together in creating a selection control.

The button to go to the next page doesn't appear until an item is selected. This simple behavior is done by using the Selection.Value in a WhileString trigger.

<WhileString Value="{ReadProperty pizzaSel.Value}" Test="IsNotEmpty">

Multiple Selection

Multiple selection

ToppingsPage.ux allows the user to select up to 3 additional ingredients. This basic behavior is a MaxCount on the Selection:

<Selection Values="{sel}" MaxCount="3" />

You can also see that we are binding Values to the sel JavaScript observable. This creates a two-way binding for all the selection values. This example code simple monitors for changes and updates the current observable with the current list of items.

Selected and Deselected are used to create animations when items are added or removed from the selection.

Dropdown Selection


PaymentPage.ux shows how to create a dropdown list of options from a JavaScript array.

PaymentPage.js defines the high-level JavaScript array paymentOpts. This is your state-level, or model, data associated with the payment options. It uses the mapOptions to convert the list to something suitable for our ComboBox class.

The payment observable is the currently selected payment item. Since we created this value from the key in the paymentOpts structre we can use it directly as a lookup to get our original data structure: var q = paymentOpts[payment.value].desc.