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Pan, Zoom, and Rotate gestures

This demo creates a simple image viewer that uses ZoomGesture, RotateGesture and PanGesture. It shows how to combine these with an InteractiveTransform.

The central type to these gestures is the InteractiveTransform. This contains the values that the gestures will actually be modifying. It also works as an actual transform on the element. The properties of InteractiveTransform are two-way bindable and thus can be used in multiple locations and read/written from JavaScript as well (not done in this demo).

Beside each gesture we also use an Attractor. This allows a fluid animation on the image when it needs to reset it's viewing size. This is used in two places: in the DoubleTapped trigger which resets the transform properties; and in the WhileTrue ux:Name="viewerVisible, which resets when leaving the full-screen view.

WhileFloat is used to implement a shrink-to-dismiss mechanism. Note the use of CancelInteractions here. This is a special action with limited purpose. Here it is used because we know the user will be in the middle of a zooming operation when this trigger applies, thus we need to cancel the active gestures.

A gallery to full-screen animation effect is achieved with the Timeline trigger and PulseBackward action. Notice the two Set actions just prior to the PulseBackward which configure the transition.

The WhileWindowPortrait adjusts the layout based on the device's orientation. Note the sizing of the images in this demo are targetted towards a phone device -- the layout may appear crowded with a large display area.