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Calendar Navigation

This example creates a calendar component that allows navigation between months and viewing individual days.


The CalendarView folder is structured like a component you'd put into an existing application. It works with a global Router but uses relative routes during navigation.

The navigator in MainView.ux contains only this component. This shows how such a component might be included at a particular location in your app.


Router bookmarks are being created to point the previous and next month. This happens anytime a MonthView is activated, in the JavaScript code. Using a bookmark lets us construct a complex route in JavaScript and then use it simply in the UX code.

For example, the previous month button navigates to one of our stored bookmarks:

<RouterModify Bookmark="prevMonth" Style="fromLeft"/>


The ability to swipe to the previous and next month is provided by NavigatorSwipe in CalendarView.ux.

For example, this is the code to go to the next month:

<NavigatorSwipe Direction="Left" How="GotoBookmark" Bookmark="nextMonth"
	Style="fromRight" IsEnabled="false" ux:Name="swipeLeft"/>

Notice that it is disabled by default. We have a WhilePageActive in the same file that enables it.

<WhilePageActive NameEquals="month" Threshold="0">

This ensures this swiping behaviour is only active while the user is actually in the month view. If any other page is active it will be disabled.

Transition Style

The RouterModify and NavigatorSwipe are both using a Style parameter. This lets us distinguish how the user is navigating to create specific left/right animations.

The style is matched inside the Transition animations of MonthView. For example, the navigation of the next month to the active one:

<Transition Style="fromLeft" Direction="ToActive">
	<Move X="-1" RelativeTo="ParentSize" Duration="0.4" Easing="SinusoidalInOut"/>

Notice in that file we need to actually define four transitions to cover all the month-to-month navigation we have. Half of them could be avoided if Transition allowed for an "or" condition, but at the moment it does not.