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Multi-level application navigation using an edge menu, a title area, an action bar.


The first navigation level is created by a EdgeNavigator in MainView.ux to control the side menu. This doesn't participate in the Router navigation but instead uses signals.

ApplicationTop.ux creates the next levels of animation, it is the root level for the Router. All pages have a title bar; those in home have an additional action bar at the bottom.

The application uses goto to get to any page within home and push to get to all others. This limits the overall application depth to avoid confusing the user.

Flights Page sub-navigation

The FlightsPage.ux has another level of navigation for "arrivals" and "departures". This is controlled via the router but exposed as more of a filter to the user at the top of the page. By making this proper router paths the side menu is able to navigate directly to either sub-page.

Bookings sub-pages

The BookingsPage.ux displays a list of bookings (in a real app you'd obviously want to load this list). A top-right corner icon uses the router to push the createBooking page. Clicking on individual items will push the booking page for that item.

Note that only the id is passed to the booking page. That page is responsible for looking up information based on that id, usually via a common JavaScript module.

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