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Fuse Studio

Fuse Studio is a visual desktop tool suite for working with the Fuse framework.

License: MIT Windows build status macOS build Status

For download links and docs click here.

Building on Windows

The prerequisites for building on Windows is

Build by either running build.bat or from within Visual Studio using the Fuse-Win32.sln solution.

To run with debugging in Visual Studio set Outracks.Fuse.Studio as the startup project and press F5.

Building on macOS

The prerequisites for building on macOS is

  • Xcode
    • Remember to open Xcode one time after installing to accept EULA
  • Mono
    • Tested with 5.4.1, but newer versions should also work fine

Build by either running ./ from a shell, or from within Visual Studio for Mac using the Fuse-OSX.sln solution.

After building Fuse Studio can be started by running bin/Debug/\\ Studio from the command line.

Running tests

Tests can be run using ./


Please read for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.

Reporting issues

Please report issues here.

Building installers

Note that building installers is due to legacy reasons a bit cumbersome, and we eventually want that part of the build process cleaned up.

Making a macOS installer

Note that the current installer scripts expects a signing key available in the keychain, which is the property of Fusetools AS. It should be easy to modify script to use a different signing key if desirable. By setting env var SIGN to 0 it should be possible to just create an unsigned installer, but haven't tested that this works.

To give the installer a specific version, set the environment vars RELEASE_VERSION and BUILD_NUMBER (this used to be set by the old CI setup when running on TC).

git clean -xdf && RELEASE_VERSION=1.9.0-rc3 BUILD_NUMBER=1.9.0-rc3 Installer/OSX/

The above commands produces an installer located at Installer/OSX/Fuse_1_9_0-rc3.pkg. We'll rename this to fuse_osx_1_9_0_rc2.pkg before uploading the release, to be consistent with naming of older versions.

The reason we do a git clean before building installer, is to avoid accidentially include cruft from older builds.

Making a Windows installer

Making the Windows installer for the 1.9.0-rc3 release was done using the following commands (in a git bash shell). Note that in addition to the regular build requirements this also requires 7-zip and WiX Toolset with Visual Studio 2017 Extension installed.

 ( git clean -xdf && RELEASE_VERSION=1.9.0-rc3 BUILD_NUMBER=1.9.0-rc3 ./ && mkdir -p Installer/Windows/Source/Fuse && unzip -d Installer/Windows/Source/Fuse/ && RELEASE_VERSION=1.9.0-rc3 BUILD_NUMBER=1.9.0-rc3 ./ )

Note that we've dropped signing of the Windows installer, which seems to work fine. If this causes more problems down the line than anticipated we might reconsider.

Use Sublime or Atom plugin with dev build

To set which fuse to start in sublime, can be done by setting fuse_path_override: false inside your settings file. Open your settings by clicking Preferences->Package Settings->Fuse->Settings-User.

To set which fuse to start in Atom, is done by setting: Fuse settings