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To configure your Uno environment, edit the file ~/.unoconfig (or %USERPROFILE%\.unoconfig on Windows) - create it if necessary.

Type uno config to review your current configuration.

Standard library

To work with fuselibs source code, add this snippet to your .unoconfig, after cloning the repo:

C:\> git clone
if (DEV) {
    Packages.SourcePaths += "C:\\fuselibs-public\\Source"

(Replace C:\fuselibs-public\Source with your own location.)

The if (DEV) test makes sure we only use those packages when running uno built from source. If omitted, the packages are also made available to any installed versions of Fuse Studio and Uno.

To build your standard library, type uno doctor -e.


To support building Android apps, we need to know where your Android SDKs are installed.


Android.NDK.Directory: "%LOCALAPPDATA%\\Android\\sdk\\ndk-bundle"
Android.SDK.Directory: "%LOCALAPPDATA%\\Android\\sdk"
Java.JDK.Directory: "%PROGRAMFILES%\\Java\\jdk1.8.0_40"


Android.NDK.Directory: %HOME%/Library/Android/sdk/ndk-bundle
Android.SDK.Directory: %HOME%/Library/Android/sdk

If you have Fuse Studio, running fuse install android will set this up automatically.


To support building iOS apps, we need macOS and Xcode.

  • Cocoapods is required by some Uno packages.

This is usually automatically detected, but configuring a signing identity can be useful.

iOS.DeveloperTeam: ABCD012345


To support building native apps, we need CMake and C++ compilers.

  • macOS: Xcode with command line tools
  • Windows: Visual Studio 2017

If cmake isn't in your PATH, the location can be provided like this:

Tools.CMake: `%PROGRAMFILES%\CMake\bin\cmake.exe`


We need node / npm to install and use JavaScript packages.

If the commands aren't in your PATH, their locations can be provided like this:

Tools.Node: `%PROGRAMFILES%\nodejs\node.exe`
Tools.NPM: `%PROGRAMFILES%\nodejs\npm.cmd`

Package manager

These properties have meaningful defaults, but can be customized like this:

Packages.Feeds += ""
Packages.InstallDirectory: install/my/packages/here
Packages.SearchPaths += find/my/packages/here
Packages.SourcePaths += build/these/projects