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The Fusepool Enhanced Content Store

This is the module for storing and searching for binary content.

Uploading a content works like this:

$ curl -X POST -u "admin:admin" -H "Content-Type: text/plain" -d @council_of_europe.txt http://localhost:8080/ecs/

or for a pdf

$ curl -X POST -u "admin:admin" -H "Content-Type: application/pdf" --data-binary @concil_of_urope.pdf http://localhost:8080/ecs/

(The "@" is necessary before filenames)

The response will look like this

Posted 499 bytes, with uri http://localhost:8080/ecs/content/ebaa4a3277f3299cb3fd9e69367f2c4a: text/plain

At the specified URI the content can be dereferenced. On dereferencing the resource a Link-header like

Link: <http://localhost:8080/ecs/content/ebaa4a3277f3299cb3fd9e69367f2c4a.meta>; rel=meta

will point to the rdf describing the resource in the content graph. (Note that this is not the full RDF produced by the enhancer.

That RDF resource can be accessed using this command:

curl -X GET -u "admin:admin" -H "Accept: application/rdf+xml" http://localhost:8080/ecs/content/ebaa4a3277f3299cb3fd9e69367f2c4a.meta

This RDF is stored in a graph named: urn:x-localhost:/ecs-collected-enhancements.graph)

To get all documents related to http://dbpedia.org/resource/Europe get


add "&search="ham" to have only documents related to europe and containing the word "ham" in their text. Add multiple "subject" and "search" parameters as needed.