An OSGi bundle that wraps the SILK Link Discovery Framework
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Silk Interlinking Service

This project wraps the SILK Link Discovery Framework to provide OSGi components an RDF to RDF interlinking service. To compile the bundle run the command

mvn install

This bundle implements the Interlinker interface (eu.fusepool.datalifecycle.Interlinker, see fusepool/datalifecycle repository on Github). The implemented method can be called to interlink a set of RDF triples against an SPARQL endpoint. The project has four submodules:

  1. silk-wrapper
  2. silk-fusepool-api
  3. silk-fusepool-bundle
  4. interlinker-service

The silk-wrapper module wraps the scala code in which Silk is implemented. The silk-fusepool-api declares an interface to access methods calls provided by Silk and silk-fusepool-bundle provides an implementation. The interlinker-service provides an implementation of the Interlinker interface to make the interlinking service based on Silk or any other future interlinking service, available to other components. It lies in between silk-fusepool-bundle component and any other component that needs an interlinking service. The silk-fusepool-bundle component must be installed in the OSGi framework from the silk-fusepool-bundle/target folder. The interlinker-service component must be installed from interlinker-service/target folder. The datalifecycle component is an application that uses the interlinking service implemented by silk-fusepool-bundle component through the interlinker-service component. The silk-fusepool-bundle can also be used directly, without using the Interlinker interface, by the silklinkingengine bundle. See that project for more info.