Stanbol Enhancement Engine that allows to use the analysis service
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Redlink Analysis Enhancement Engine Build Status

This module provides an Enhancement Engine for Apache Stanbol which allows you to use Redlink to annotate your text from Apache Stanbol.

This engine will call Redlink services. It will require you to register with Redlink and configure a analysis application. The engine needs to be configured with your app-id and the app-key.

Building and Running

Building requires Maven 3, and running it requires Apache Stanbol. Assuming a working installation is present, after downloading the sources, switch to the sources root and run:

mvn package -DskipTests

This will produce an OSGi bundle under:


which can be directly deployed into Apache Stanbol through its configuration console.

Configuration Parameters

The engine supports a number of configuration parameters, the most relevant of which are:

The Engine support multiple configuration (OSGI configuration factory).

  • Engine Name ( The name for the engine instance
  • Redlink App ( The Redlink analysis application name
  • Redlink Key (enhancer.engine.redlink.key): The application key
  • Redlink Version (enhancer.engine.redlink.version): the Redlink service version to use (optional)