The CoffeScript based Web Framework for Rapid Application Development.
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CoffeeBar is a CoffeScript based Web Framework for Rapid Application Development of the UI and it communicates using REST JSON services implemented in Java via JAXRS. It assembles together bunch of awesome tools such as: CoffeeScript, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, CoffeeJade, jQuery, and Require.js.


Directory Structure

CoffeeBar uses a standard maven layout to build a WAR that can be deployed to a Java servlet container. The main directories you need to be familiar with are:

      app/ - Your client side CoffeeScript Application
        controllers/ - Your Application Controlers
        models/ - Your Application Models
        views/ - Your Application views
        frameworks/ - 3rd party CSS and JavaScript
      img/ - image assets
      styles/ - CSS assets
    scala/ - Your Server Side REST services

Development Mode

Compile an continue looking for file to

Start the embedded HTTP server by running mvn jetty:run or by running the org.fusesource.coffeebar.HttpServer class in your IDE.

In another terminal window you should run mvn brew:compile to scan for changes in your .coffee or .jade files and compile them to java script.

Open you browser to to view the app. If you are going to be updating the app make sure you use the latest Chrome beta which supports disabling the browser cache.

Production Mode

Build with mvn install. The resulting war with minified JavaScript and CSS will be in the target directory.