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JBoss Fuse Tooling for Eclipse

This repository holds the tooling for Eclipse which was formerly known as Fuse IDE. It lets you work with Camel Routes, Fabric and other Fuse Runtimes. For further information see the following site:



Join channel "#fusetools" at FreeNode



Mailing lists

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Build Notes

Your first clone

Once you have cloned this repo via

git clone

you can now try building it...

cd fuseide
mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true

Tycho downloads all the eclipse/p2 stuff to: ~/.m2/repository/p2/

Then to open in Eclipse. Before you start make sure you are on 3.6.x or later of Eclipse. 3.6.x Eclipse PDE generates some compile errors which are not really errors - these are fixed in 3.7.x of Eclipse. Notice Claus had problem with Eclipse Helios 3.6.2 so he downloaded Eclipse 3.7 M7 which worked. James is currently on 3.7 RC4 without issues.

Here's how to setup eclipse...

  • create a new workspace for working on Fuse Tooling
  • import the project into eclipse from directory "fuseide" (import... -> general -> existing project)
  • open the Target Platform: org.fusesource.ide.targetplatform/
  • wait until all is resolved and then click the "Set as Target Platform" link in the top right

To remove Access Restriction errors

To get rid of the final Access restriction warnings

Eclipse -> Preferences -> Java -> Compiler / Errors/Warnings -> Deprecated and restricted API

then turn Forbidden reference (access rules) to "Warning" from "Error"

Running Fuse Tooling

Before trying to run the Fuse Tooling you should have built the project (see above) and also imported it sucessfully into Eclipse (see above). In Eclipse, select all your resources and refresh (F5).

To run open the org.fusesource.ide.targetplatform module in the tree and right click on the file "Rider in JBTIS.launch". Then choose the menu entry "Run as -> Rider in JBTIS". It may be possible that you have to adapt the launch configuration to fit your environment using the Run toolbar submenu item.

Testing the Update Site

To test the update site contents has everything you need here's what to do:

  • download and install a plain vanilla Eclipse Kepler for instance
  • run this vanilla Eclipse
  • in Eclipse choose "Install new software", then "Add" to add a new update site
  • choose "Local" in the following dialog and set the location to file:///site/target/repository
  • Close the dialog with OK and then select the new added update site from the drop down box
  • Then in the tree below check all the "JBoss Fuse Tooling" entries
  • hit Next to install the software
  • if all is fine it should install without errors, otherwise it will point you to the problem when you examine the details

Where stuff gets downloaded in Tycho builds

If you kill a Tycho build you can sometimes get corrupted downloads leading to failed builds next time you try.

Usually with a Zip exception like this... error in opening zip file
  at Method)
  at org.codehaus.tycho.osgitools.DefaultBundleReader.doLoadManifest(
  at org.codehaus.tycho.osgitools.DefaultBundleReader.loadManifest(
  at org.codehaus.tycho.osgitools.EquinoxResolver.loadManifest(
  at org.codehaus.tycho.osgitools.EquinoxResolver.addBundle(
  at org.codehaus.tycho.osgitools.EquinoxResolver.newState(
  at org.codehaus.tycho.osgitools.EquinoxResolver.newResolvedState(

The quick fix is to trash your folder:



NOTE this step is only required to be done if the Camel model changes or the documentation changes! The generated files are checked into git - so if you have a git clone you can miss this out!

This step is only required if you upgrade the version of Camel, change the code generation scripts or update the model metadata.

From the fuseide directory type:

cd tools/ide-codegen
mvn compile exec:java

The generator then runs and updates the sources. Don't forget to push the regenerated source files.

Regenerating the archetypes and downloading the latest XSDs

To download the latest archetypes and XSDs, from the fuseide directory type:

cd tools/ide-buildtools
mvn compile exec:java

Be sure to have the file


which should contain the credentials for the FuseSource Nexus EA repository like username= password=

Without this file the build will not work!

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