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JBoss Fuse Tooling for Eclipse

Please visit our project site to learn more about JBoss Fuse Tooling.


JBoss Fuse Tooling contains a set of plugins / features for Eclipse which allows you to create Apache Camel routes in a graphical editor, launch them locally and deploy them to runtimes like Apache Karaf, Apache ServiceMix, Fabric8 and JBoss Fuse.


JBoss Fuse Tooling is open source and we like to encourage everybody to try it and get involved into the future development of the project. For more information see the Contributing section below.


If you want to report bugs or request new features please raise a ticket at our JIRA. If you want to start contributing to the project its a good place to look for possible work.


Get in touch with developers and users of JBoss Fuse Tooling in our forums. Thats the place to ask questions or help other users.


If you want to get in touch with the developers and other users you can join our IRC channel #fusetools on FreeNode IRC Server.

Mailing lists

Subscribe at:

Mail to:


If you want to know how to build the project and setup an Eclipse workspace for development please read the build guide.


If you want to contribute to Fuse Tooling make sure you read the contribution guide.

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