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The Jansi Native library is deprecated and is now embedded inside Jansi 2.x.

Jansi Native


Jansi Native implements the JNI libraries used by the Jansi project:

Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004

  • jansi-native Java API: Maven Central
  • jansi-${platform} builds:
    • windows32 windows64
    • osx
    • linux32 linux32
    • freebsd32 freebsd64

Project Links


To build, just run mvn -Dplatform=${platform} package where ${platform} may be windows32, windows64, osx, linux32, linux64, freebsd32, freebsd64 or any other platform of your choice.

Jansi native uses HawtJNI to ease JNI management. See Platform Build Tools Requirements for details on platform requirements.