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# [LevelDBJNI](
+## [leveldbjni 1.3][1_3], released 2012-09-24
+* Make work on windows too.
+* Expose the CreateHardLinkW windows API call.
+* Added Windows LevelDB Support
+* Update to hawtjni 1.6.
+* Support the db.compactRange method to force compaction of the leveldb files.
+* Fixed bug need to get leveldbjni workin on the Zing JVM
+## [leveldbjni 1.2][1_2], released 2012-02-27
+* Document how to use the memory pools.
+* Fixes issue #6 Support using a memory pool to reduce native memory allocation overhead.
+* Update leveldb, hawtjni, and leveldb-api versions.
+* Store the version in the factory class.
+* Added a release guide.
+## [leveldbjni 1.1][1_1], released 2011-09-29
+* the all module needs at least one java file so that it produces a javadoc and
+* Try to load the native lib when the JniDBFactory class is loaded.
+* Fixes issue #1 : Bug on NativeBuffer offset
+* Switch the license from CDDL to the New BSD license to match the license used in the leveldb project.
+* Add the sonatype snapshot repo since that's where the leveldb-api is at currently.
+* Pickup updates in the api module.
+* Updating build instructions.
+* implement repair and destroy.
+* api updated
+* Cleaner java package structure. We only need to expose one public class now since we are using the org.iq80.leveldb abstract api.
+* Refactored so that the main user API is the abstract API defined in 'org.iq80.leveldb.api' package.
## [leveldbjni 1.0][1_0], released 2011-08-08
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