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update readme on how to build if auto-tools are not exactly right

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@@ -224,9 +224,16 @@ Replace ${platform} with one of the following platform identifiers (depending on
* linux64
* mac
+If your platform does not have the right auto-tools levels available
+just copy the `leveldbjni-${version}` artifact
+from a platform the does have the tools available then add the
+following argument to your maven build:
+ -Dnative-src-url=file:leveldbjni-${verision}
### Build Results
* `leveldbjni/target/leveldbjni-${version}.jar` : The java class file to the library.
* `leveldbjni/target/leveldbjni-${version}` : A GNU style source project which you can use to build the native library on other systems.
* `leveldbjni-${platform}/target/leveldbjni-${platform}-${version}.jar` : A jar file containing the built native library using your currently platform.

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