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Commits on Feb 20, 2013
  1. @yaniv-aknin

    devops: add favicon.ico

    yaniv-aknin committed
  2. @yaniv-aknin

    backend/log: fix setup_logging() for multiple invocations

    yaniv-aknin committed
    Also, add named NullHandler to root logger; otherwise I saw some
    packages that will accidentally think our logging subsystem isn't
    configured and will try to configure it with their defaults.
  3. @yaniv-aknin
  4. @yaniv-aknin
  5. @yaniv-aknin

    backend/api: do proper parsing of requests, enrich PUT semantics

    yaniv-aknin committed
    PUT will now do the RESTishly accepted action of 'create the resource if
    not existent and update if it already exists'. Should two requests race
    to create the same resource, one of the user-agents will succeed and the
    other will receive an HTTP 409 CONFLICT. This user-agent can then retry
    the request (or do something else, as it sees fit).
Commits on Feb 18, 2013
  1. @ybz

    backend: make todos the index page

    ybz committed
  2. @ybz

    frontend: use backend persistence

    ybz committed
  3. @ybz

    backend: add todo resources

    ybz committed
  4. @ybz @yaniv-aknin

    todo: register all coffee assets

    ybz committed with yaniv-aknin
  5. @ybz @yaniv-aknin

    frontend/todo: add main

    ybz committed with yaniv-aknin
  6. @ybz @yaniv-aknin
  7. @ybz @yaniv-aknin
  8. @ybz @yaniv-aknin

    frontend/todo: add Router

    ybz committed with yaniv-aknin
  9. @ybz @yaniv-aknin

    frontend/todo: add TodoView

    ybz committed with yaniv-aknin
  10. @ybz @yaniv-aknin

    frontend/todo: add TodoCollection

    ybz committed with yaniv-aknin
  11. @ybz @yaniv-aknin

    frontend/todo: add TodoModel

    ybz committed with yaniv-aknin
  12. @ybz @yaniv-aknin

    frontend/todo: add css

    ybz committed with yaniv-aknin
  13. @ybz @yaniv-aknin

    backend/views: add todo view

    ybz committed with yaniv-aknin
  14. @ybz @yaniv-aknin
  15. @ybz @yaniv-aknin

    frontend/todo: add img statics

    ybz committed with yaniv-aknin
  16. @yaniv-aknin
  17. @yaniv-aknin

    devops: add some deployment/provisioning fixes

    yaniv-aknin committed
     - fix project root detection from
     - add the sandalstrap project bootstrapper as
     - explicitly check for CoffeeScript and JRE
     - remove readline from requirements
        Shouldn't be there in the first place, it's just a sad artifact of
        development on OSX.
  18. @yaniv-aknin
  19. @yaniv-aknin
  20. @yaniv-aknin
  21. @yaniv-aknin
  22. @yaniv-aknin

    backend/log: add detailed request logging

    yaniv-aknin committed
    Every request is logged when the request is received and when the
    response is sent. A uuid is generated and added to each request, and
    will accompany any log line generated in the context of this request.
  23. @yaniv-aknin
Commits on Feb 15, 2013
  1. @yaniv-aknin
  2. @yaniv-aknin
  3. @yaniv-aknin

    backend/api: patch flask-restful for better serialization and error h…

    yaniv-aknin committed
    See the code comments for references to github pull requests/issues
    explaining the rationale behind these patches.
  4. @yaniv-aknin
  5. @yaniv-aknin
  6. @yaniv-aknin

    utils: add INTERACT

    yaniv-aknin committed
    Often when coding/debugging you'd like to have a shell at a certain
    point in your code. A common Python idiom for that is:
        from code import interact
    This commit adds a function called utils.pyutils.interact, which looks
    into the stack and fetches the local scope of its caller, then runs
    an IPython (if available) or Python shell with this local scope.
    Also, this function is patched into __builtins__ under the name
    INTERACT. So anywhere in your code, you can just call INTERACT() and get
    a nifty shell with the relevant locals.
  7. @ybz @yaniv-aknin
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