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Commits on Feb 18, 2013
  1. @yaniv-aknin

    devops: add some deployment/provisioning fixes

    yaniv-aknin committed
     - fix project root detection from
     - add the sandalstrap project bootstrapper as
     - explicitly check for CoffeeScript and JRE
     - remove readline from requirements
        Shouldn't be there in the first place, it's just a sad artifact of
        development on OSX.
  2. @yaniv-aknin
  3. @yaniv-aknin
  4. @yaniv-aknin

    backend/log: add detailed request logging

    yaniv-aknin committed
    Every request is logged when the request is received and when the
    response is sent. A uuid is generated and added to each request, and
    will accompany any log line generated in the context of this request.
Commits on Feb 15, 2013
  1. @yaniv-aknin
  2. @yaniv-aknin
  3. @yaniv-aknin

    utils: add INTERACT

    yaniv-aknin committed
    Often when coding/debugging you'd like to have a shell at a certain
    point in your code. A common Python idiom for that is:
        from code import interact
    This commit adds a function called utils.pyutils.interact, which looks
    into the stack and fetches the local scope of its caller, then runs
    an IPython (if available) or Python shell with this local scope.
    Also, this function is patched into __builtins__ under the name
    INTERACT. So anywhere in your code, you can just call INTERACT() and get
    a nifty shell with the relevant locals.
  4. @yaniv-aknin
  5. @yaniv-aknin

    devops: add CDN support

    yaniv-aknin committed
    This commit adds a function called config.cdn.proxied(). You can pass
    any URL (absolute or relative) to proxied(), and it will look up an
    internal table of reverse-proxies (typically CDN endpoints) and see if
    this URL is covered by one.
    If the URL has a CDN endpoint, proxied() returns the CDN URL. If it
    doesn't, it just returns the same string as before.
    Relative URLs with no netloc are considered to be relative to SERVER_URL
    as set in the configuration.
    The table of CDN endpoints can be generated and cached by running
    config.cdn.get_cache(). At the time of this writing, get_cache() will
    return an empty if AWS credentials aren't found in the configuration,
    and a set of CloudFront distributions endpoints visible by these AWS
    credentials otherwise. Having two distributions with the same origin URL
    leads to undefined results.
  6. @yaniv-aknin
  7. @yaniv-aknin
  8. @yaniv-aknin

    initial commit

    yaniv-aknin committed
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