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Commits on Feb 18, 2013
  1. @yaniv-aknin

    devops: add some deployment/provisioning fixes

    yaniv-aknin committed
     - fix project root detection from
     - add the sandalstrap project bootstrapper as
     - explicitly check for CoffeeScript and JRE
     - remove readline from requirements
        Shouldn't be there in the first place, it's just a sad artifact of
        development on OSX.
  2. @yaniv-aknin
  3. @yaniv-aknin
Commits on Feb 15, 2013
  1. @yaniv-aknin
  2. @yaniv-aknin

    devops: add CDN support

    yaniv-aknin committed
    This commit adds a function called config.cdn.proxied(). You can pass
    any URL (absolute or relative) to proxied(), and it will look up an
    internal table of reverse-proxies (typically CDN endpoints) and see if
    this URL is covered by one.
    If the URL has a CDN endpoint, proxied() returns the CDN URL. If it
    doesn't, it just returns the same string as before.
    Relative URLs with no netloc are considered to be relative to SERVER_URL
    as set in the configuration.
    The table of CDN endpoints can be generated and cached by running
    config.cdn.get_cache(). At the time of this writing, get_cache() will
    return an empty if AWS credentials aren't found in the configuration,
    and a set of CloudFront distributions endpoints visible by these AWS
    credentials otherwise. Having two distributions with the same origin URL
    leads to undefined results.
  3. @yaniv-aknin
  4. @yaniv-aknin
  5. @yaniv-aknin

    initial commit

    yaniv-aknin committed
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