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FusionInventory Agent

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# FusionInventory Agent

## Summary

The FusionInventory agent is a generic management agent. It can perform a
certain number of tasks, according to its own execution plan, or on behalf of a
GLPI server with fusioninventory plugin, acting as a control point.

## Description


## Dependencies

Minimum perl version: 5.8

Additional mandatory perl modules:

* File::Which
* Net::IP
* Text::Template
* UNIVERSAL::require
* XML::TreePP

Additional optional perl modules:

* Compress::Zlib, for message compression
* HTTP::Daemon, for web interface
* IO::Socket::SSL, for HTTPS support with certificate validation
* Net::CUPS (v0.60 minimum), for printers detection 
* Parse::EDID, for screen identification
* Proc::Daemon, for daemon mode (Unix only)
* Win32::Daemon, for Win32 service mode (Windows only)
* Proc::PID::File, for daemon mode (Unix only)

Additional optional programs:

* dmidecode, for hardware inventory
* lspci, for hardware inventory

## Contacts

Project websites:

* main site: <>
* forge: <>

Project mailing lists:

* <>
* <>

Project IRC channel:

* #FusionInventory on FreeNode IRC Network

Please report any issues on project forge bugtracker.

## Authors 

* Gonéri Le Bouder <>
* Guillaume Rousse <>

Copyright 2006-2010 OCS Inventory contributors
Copyright 2010-2013 FusionInventory Team

## License

This software is licensed under the terms of GPLv2+, see LICENSE file for

## Additional pieces of software

The fusioninventory-injector script:

* author: Pascal Danek
* copyright: 2005 Pascal Danek

contains code from imvirt:

* url: <>
* author: Thomas Liske <>
* copyright: 2008 IBH IT-Service GmbH <>
* License: GPLv2+
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