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SendMany is an app to remotely connect to your LND node and use it from your phone.


The app is currently still under heavy development and is not recommended for general use. Don't use with Mainnet yet; you might lose your funds.


  • View onchain, channel balances and transactions
  • Send and receive funds via onchain and LN transactions
  • Open and close channels with peers
  • Get an overview of your nodes current state
  • Theme and i18n support
  • Multiple node support
  • new: Chat using LN keysend functionality

Prerequisites to use keysend (and thus the chat)

  • LND must be run with the argument --accept-keysend in lnd.conf add the line accept-keysend=1
  • LND must be compiled with make tags="signrpc routerrpc" and make install tags="signrpc routerrpc". The official binaries include both.
  • LND must regenerate all macaroons to include permissions for signrpc and routerrpc

How to connect to your node

You will need to have access to your:

  • SSL cert
  • Macaroon
  • IP or .onion address
  • Port If you are using for example "MyNode" you can go to LND Connect and copy the HEX string (part by part) you have down the QR Code, following the steps before mentioned (SSL, Macaroon, IP, Port).

In case you want to connect using your .onion address you could do it using Orbot (mobile version) and setting your VPN Mode pointing SendMany app. Inside SendMany, instead of adding your IP address, put your .onion address.


SendMany is build using the Flutter-Framework and is currently only tested with Android phones. It should work on iOS without modification.

  • Install flutter for your OS: Flutter Docs
  • Fork/clone this repository: git clone
  • execute flutter run in the root sendmany folder (make sure you have a phone connected or an emulator running)


If you find any issues, please report it through the Github issue tracker. If you are interested in helping push the software forward, you are very welcome to submit ideas to the issue tracker and help by opening pull requests.





Connect your node

The easiest way is to connect via LNDConnect. Just scan the QR code and give your node a name.




Lightning (testnet): 0295cebc390927dd91272492f49614fb8c4e66a93686e790352eb4a2e0ca62994f@


MIT - See the LICENSE file.