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My bleeding-edge overlay for Funtoo and Gentoo Linux.
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fusion809 Overlay

This is my own personal overlay. The funtoo-overlay is also synced from it.

10 Aug 2018 changes

On the 10th of August 2018, I decided to drop several packages that I seldom use and hence there is little reason for me to maintain them. I don't really use runit any more, it was more a passing curiosity so I've rm'ed it. Likewise I don't use Atom much, nor do I use Bluefish, CodeLite, Eclipse, Lemonbar, 2bwm, Brave Browser, baselayout, hyde, speedtest-cli, 0 A.D., TORCS, Speed Dreams, xboard, pyowm, Eternal Lands, MegaGlest, RS Unix Client (obsolete), UrbanTerror, Giac, APT, etc. If you wish to check out these packages from before the mass delete checkout commit f2e02c692380ae391c04da7a9450b4e3bd42d0b0, i.e. run: git checkout f2e02c692380ae391c04da7a9450b4e3bd42d0b0 from this repository. If you wish to use runit, with the help of these old files be sure to enable the powerman-overlay too as it's forked from it and depends on many packages provided by it.

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