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Browse, subscribe, view and revert changes to records when using Ruby on Rails 3 and the `paper_trail` gem.
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Browse, subscribe, view and revert changes to records when using Ruby on Rails 3 and the paper_trail gem.

This software has been in use for a year at and It works well. It has reasonable tests. However, it could definitely use more work.


If you have a Ruby on Rails 3 application where you're using the paper_trail gem to track changes to your records, you can make use of this like:

Add the following line to your Gemfile: gem 'paper_trail_manager'

Install the libary:

bundle install

Add the following line to your config/routes.rb:

resources :changes, :controller => 'paper_trail_manager/changes'

Restart the server and go to the /changes URI to browse, subscribe, view and revert your changes. The top-level URL will look something like this:




  • Clone the repository
  • Go into the directory
  • Run bundle to install the development dependencies

Running tests:

  • Run rake to run the tests. Note that the first time tests are run, gems will need to be downloaded for each individual version of Rails this app is tested against, which may take a while.

Adding support for new Rails versions:

  • Run ./rails_test/generate_test_directory VERSION where VERSION is the Rails version you want to add support for, e.g.: ./rails_test/generate_test_directory 3.2.8
  • Run rake test:rails-VERSION, e.g. rake test:rails-3.2.8 to install dependencies and run the tests.
  • Rerun the previous command to run tests for that specific version.
  • Edit the files in rails_test/common which will be copied into the individual Rails apps, e.g. the tests run against individual Rails versions are stored in rails_test/common/spec.
  • Edit the ./rails_test/generate_test_directory file to modify files, e.g. setup routes.
  • Fix whatever breaks.
  • Please contribute your fixes with a Github pull request.


This program is provided under an MIT open source license, read the LICENSE.txt file for details.

To Note:

This project was originally devloped by Igal Koshevoy. Unfortunately @igal passed away on April 9th, 2013 and I took over the project afterwords.

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