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Browse, subscribe, view and revert changes to records when using Ruby on Rails 3 and the paper_trail gem.

This software has been in use for a year at and It works well. It has reasonable tests. However, it could definitely use more work.


If you have a Ruby on Rails 3 application where you're using the paper_trail gem to track changes to your records, you can make use of this like:

Add the following line to your Gemfile: gem 'paper_trail_manager'

Install the libary:

bundle install

Add the following line to your config/routes.rb:

resources :changes, :controller => 'paper_trail_manager/changes'

Restart the server and go to the /changes URI to browse, subscribe, view and revert your changes. The top-level URL will look something like this:



This program is provided under an MIT open source license, read the LICENSE.txt file for details.

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