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Building the Documint Docker container

Documint is built off of the standard fusionapp/base container.

Build process

  1. Pull

    $ docker pull fusionapp/base
  2. Run the base container to build the necessary wheels.

    $ docker run --rm -ti -v "${PWD}:/application" -v "${PWD}/wheelhouse:/wheelhouse" fusionapp/base

    The built wheels will be placed in the "wheelhouse" directory at the root of the repository.

  3. Copy the clj-neon uberjar wheel into bin.

    $ cp .../clj-neon/target/uberjar/clj-neon-*-standalone.jar bin/clj-neon.jar
  4. Place any needed fonts in fonts/.

  5. Build the Documint container.

    $ docker build --tag=fusionapp/documint --file=docker/documint.docker .

You only need to rerun steps 2 and 5 to build a container from modified source.