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Django Widgy Blog

This is reusable blog app designed for use with django-widgy. It can be utilized as a drop-in addition to a widgy project for creating a quick, run-of-the-mill blog or as an abstract guide to building your own custom app that takes advantage of all the wonderful features that widgy offers.


(This guide assumes that your project is already using widgy. Please see this tutorial if this is not the case.)

  1. Install the package

    $ pip install django-widgy-blog

  2. Add widgy_blog to your INSTALLED_APPS.

  3. Run python migrate in order to generate the relevant models in the database.

  4. Configure the urls:

    1. If you're using widgy's contrib.urlconf_include package, you can opt to use widgy_blog as a plugin. This allows admin users of the site to take advantage of plugin-specific features, such as editing the url route of the blog and customizing its addition to menus. See urlconf_include for more information.
    2. Alternatively, you can include the widgy_blog urls within your file as you normally would. Just remember to add them before the included Mezzanine urls if you're editing the root conf!
  5. That's it. Log in to the admin center and start adding blog posts!


Reusable blog app for Django-Widgy




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