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What is it?

Peek is a plugin that adds iframe preview functionality to any form. It uses an iframe to simply handle images and such. In order for the server code to differentiate a real request from a peek request, Peek adds a hidden field to the form with the name peek and the value 1. After the preview is created, the form is returned to normal and a normal submit will still work.

How to use?

In your template you would have something like this:


<form class="peekable" method="post">
  <button class="peek">Preview</button>



On the server side you need to check if the form was submitted with a field called peek.

Example (with Django)

def my_view(request):
    if 'peek' in request.POST:

How to customize?

By default, Peek will look for an element with the class peek to use as the trigger for the preview; however, you can override this. You can either pass in a new selector or even a jQuery object.

Note: When using the selector, Peek only searches within the context of the form. If you want to use a trigger that is not inside the form, you must pass in a jQuery object.