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🗺 Open the map app of the user's choice.
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React Native Map Link

An easy way to open a location in a map app of the user's choice, based on the apps they have installed on their device.

Currently supported apps:

  • Apple Maps – apple-maps
  • Google Maps – google-maps
  • Citymapper – citymapper
  • Uber – uber
  • Lyft – lyft
  • Navigon – navigon
  • The Transit App – transit
  • Waze – waze
  • Yandex.Navi – yandex
  • Moovit - moovit


npm i -S react-native-map-link         # or yarn add react-native-map-link

A note about iOS 9+

As of iOS 9, your app needs to provide the LSApplicationQueriesSchemes key inside Info.plist to specify the URL schemes with which the app can interact.

Just put this in your Info.plist depending on which apps you'd like to support. Omitting these might mean that the library can't detect some of the maps apps installed by the user.



import { showLocation } from 'react-native-map-link'

    latitude: 38.8976763,
    longitude: -77.0387185,
    title: 'The White House'  // optional
    // app: 'uber'  // optionally specify specific app to use


This library is loosely based on CMMapLauncher, ported to React Native for your pleasure and convenience.


This library is developed by Includable, a creative app and web platform development agency based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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