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FusionDirectory AUTHORS
This is the alphabetical list of all people that have
contributed to the FusionDirectory project, beeing code, translations,
documentation and additional help.
* Markus Amersdorfer <>
Wiki setup, Testing, hints, proposals
* Alessandro Amici <>
Italian translation
* Holger Burbach <>
Kerberos PHP module
* Craig Chang <>
Fixes for magic_quotes_qpc
* Guillaume Delecourt <>
Setup fixes, nagios tab plugin, xls addons ldapmanager
pptp connectivity option, phpscheduleit connectivity option
* Dan Ellis <>
Sieve lib is taken from him
* Alejandro Escanero Blanco <>
Fixes, improvements, translation, netgroup plugin, Guide and some extensions
* Fabian Hickert <>
Improvements for setup, various fixes and plugins
* Eric Kilfoil <> is taken from him
* Niels Klomp <>
Dutch translation
* Steve Moitozo <god at zilla dot us>
Password checker
* Benoit Mortier <>
Butracking, QA, French translation
* Igor Muratov <>
Various fixes and speed enhancements
* Michael Pasdziernik <>
Documentation for GOsa and safe-mode, fixes
* Cajus Pollmeier <>
Virtually everyting which is GOsa related
* Piotr Rybicki <>
Polish translation
* Henning Schmiedehausen <>
Various fixes, support for user defined people/group base
* Alfred Schröder <>
German translation
* Thomas Schüßler <> is taken from him
* Jan Wenzel <>
Implementation and research for samba munged dial support,
fixing of "Fiptehlers"(TM) in the german translations.
* Leila El Hitori <>
French online documentation
English online documentation
* Vincent Seynhaeve <>
Xls export plugin
* Wouter Verhelst <>
accept-to-gettext code that helps for language conversation
* Antoine Gallavardin <>
Dhcp plugin patch to manage key and update zone in dhcp for dyndns
First version of the quota and supann plugin
First version of the board plugin
* Leonid Bogdanov <>
patch for the manager fonctionnality in the General user tab
* Olivier BONHOMME <>
Fedora and Centos Packager, selinux policy creator
* Benjamin Carpentier <>
Tested FusionDirectory, corrected copyright issues and locales
Written fusiondirectory-setup
* Giuliano Di Vito <>
Italian Translator and bug finder
* Roman Widmann <>
Arch linux packager
* Bernigaud Côme <>
New daemon code, and all the new deployment stuff :)
Simple plugin framework developper
* Alexis Michon <>
Testing, First version of Password reset
* Mike Gabriel <>
Various patches from debian-edu
Apache 2.4 support
Mcrypt decrypt enhancement
Browsing inactive tab
* Jeremy Williame <>
Cleanup and writer of the FusionDirectory doxygen api documentation
* Rudy Hardeman <>
Option to remove sambaLMpassword storage
* Gaston Tjebbes
Feth Arezki <>
First version of the autofs plugin
* Daniel B <>
Cleanup of the sambaPwdMustChange, sambaPwdCanChange
* Regis patronix <>
Allow special characters in passwords
* Sergio Talens-Oliag <>
Configuration setting to force the use of a hash when setting or changing passwords
Add support for crypt/sha-256 and crypt/sha-512
Use the passwordDefaultHash for new users
Fix for icons in core plugins
Provide a way to show hook execution results to the user via web
Hide userPassword on change_password postmodfy hook error message
* Stefan Krüger <>
Add support for various database to the rsyslog plugin
* Guillaume Chéramy <>
Patches for the template system
* Mathias Friman
Translation to swedish
* Alexandre Magnat <>
Snapshot bug reporter
* Guillaume RODRIGUEZ <>
asterisk plugin error reporter
* Guillard Olivier <>
SSH plugin key storage problem reporter
* Fabien Brachere <>
Fix support for special caracters in password
* Arnaud Patard <>
Fix for Invalid uri in the password recovery mail
Fix for start tls on fusiondirectory setup and gnutls
* Adrian Reyer <>
Modifier for templates to convert german umlauts to 7-bit ASCII
* Samuel Bosquin <>
Plugin FAI - LVM partitions
* IOhannes umlaeute <>
generateLdif() fails with bind-passwords containg '$' patch
* Karsten Becker <>
Suse install from tarballs Documentation
* Felix Weissbeck <>
Method to add a change password dialog on sasl+kerberos
* Tobias Göbel
Fixes for PHP7 compatibility
* Christian Kreidl <>
ppolicy improvement
* Martin Hamant <>
Coded the LockUser fonction for the webservice
* Jonathan Swaelens <>
QA on FusionDirectory
RPM packaging maintener and ArchLinux Packager
* Timothée Giet <>
New breezy icon Theme
* Clement Oudot <>
HTTP header authentication
* Thomas Niercke <>
Code and ideas for making Argonaut Events Extensible
* Paola Penati <>
Italian translation of FusionDirectory and the website
* Martin Hamant <>
Adding DSA accounts into groups
* Mathias Soupault <>
Making supannAliasLogin usage possible in password recovery