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# Include FusionDirectory to your web service
Alias /fusiondirectory /usr/share/fusiondirectory/html
<IfModule mod_php5.c>
<Location /fusiondirectory>
php_admin_flag engine on
php_admin_flag register_globals off
php_admin_flag allow_call_time_pass_reference off
php_admin_flag expose_php off
php_admin_flag zend.ze1_compatibility_mode off
php_admin_flag register_long_arrays off
php_admin_flag magic_quotes_gpc on
php_admin_value upload_tmp_dir /var/spool/fusiondirectory/
php_admin_value session.cookie_lifetime 0
include /etc/fusiondirectory/fusiondirectory.secrets
#<IfModule mod_fcgid.c>
# PHP_Fix_Pathinfo_Enable 1
# <Location /fusiondirectory>
# Options +ExecCGI
# AddHandler fcgid-script .php
# FCGIWrapper /var/www/php-fcgi/php-fcgi-starter .php
# include /etc/fusiondirectory/fusiondirectory.secrets
# </Location>
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