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FusionInventory Agent Windows Installer


The FusionInventory Agent Windows Installer is an open source project with as goal to build the installer program of the FusionInventory Agent and its tasks for Windows operative systems. It makes use of some others open source projects, like the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (in forward NSIS), Strawberry Perl, Curl, etcetera.

It was born to cover a basic goal; be able to install new FusionInventory Agent versions based on the previous configuration in the system, whether it exists. In summary, it is born to be able to update the existing agent, and not only to install a new version from scratch.

It has more purposes, of course. The following are some of them.


  • Installs from scratch or from the current configuration.

  • Uninstalls the previous agent, whether it exists.

  • Prevents multiple installations simultaneously.

  • Supports visual installation in multiple languages. (English and Spanish. French in construction.)

  • Builds two different installers for x86 and x64 architectures. (Each platform uses its native distribution of Strawberry Perl)

  • Builds installers for stable or development versions.

  • Supports both installation methods; silent or unattended mode and graphical or visual mode.

  • Allows to select the agent tasks to install.

  • New visual appearance based on the NSIS Modern UI 2 plugin.

  • Migrates the deprecated options to the new options and removes completely the obsolete ones from the Microsoft Windows registry.

  • Now the Microsoft Windows registry used for agent configuration integrates all the options supported by the agent, and not only those that them values are different to the default.

  • Allows a complete customization of all the options supported for the agent, either from the the command line, or from the visual installation.

  • Each generated installer is identified uniquely by a BuildID. (Each architecture has its own BuildID sequence)

  • Allows to execute the agent as a Windows Service, to plan its execution through a Windows Task or, simply, not to execute the agent.

  • Allows to pull a SSL certificate from a URL at installation time. (ToDo)


See Changes.txt file

Automatic build integration

This project uses Appveyor CI platform to build the installer

Softwares used for building:

  • NSIS 3.02
  • Pandoc

Release process

Manual build

See Legacy build section in Readme.txt file


FusionInventory project websites:

FusionInventory community Telegram group:

FusionInventory project mailing lists:

FusionInventory project IRC channel:

  • #FusionInventory on FreeNode IRC Network

Bug reporting

Please, follow our bug reporting documetation to report any issues.


This software is licensed under the terms of GPLv2, see License.txt file file for details.

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